04 November 2013

Painful Massage.

Oh what a weekend it has been.

The highlight of this one would be the trip to Rejeune with my sister on Saturday. I actually had to forgo a training in church because she had to bring someone and this isn't like any normal massage.

It's called Deep Meridian Full Body Therapy.

Effects: Deep penetration through full body dredging of meridians to unblock blood vessels, nourishes internal organ cells, to achieve skin rejuvenation from the inside out and strengthen immune system.

This is not a relaxing-kind-of-massage where you fall asleep halfway. This is torture.

Yep, from the start till the end, i remembered being in my most intense self-defensive mode, though most of the times I tried my best to not let out any "Ouch!" or "Please go softer!"

And this massage covers EVERY part of the body. Quite comfortable right after it ended, but not one day later. Now I can still feel some soreness here and there.

Basically, it helps in smoothen out the blood flow in the body and stuff. A lot of pain everywhere just means that the blood flow in that area has been not so good hence the pain. Some people even have bruises, like my sister. No thanks for me :)

So yeah, painful weekend.

Working today was pretty tough but then tomorrow holiday again. Syiokk!

Tonight barbeque by the beach sumore. Double syiokk!