14 November 2013

Up Up Here We Go.

Because very few people can make it for captain ball, so we cancelled it.

We went hiking instead.

It's been like what? Like years or a lot of months since I last hiked a "mountain"! Haha. 

Some of them didn't want to go but after much persuasion like, "Oh, you know the view up there is like so breathtaking and Insta-worth-it-kind!" and it worked. Yes, one of them is my sister. She's probably the only one that needed to be persuaded. Heh.

There are so many stairs that when we reached Level 3, I thought I had no energy left in me to go all the way up to Level 5, but of course we all did. WE ALL DID.

Something about exercise is that at the time when you're doing it, it feels so horrible. For me, I definitely need someone who constantly "pushes" me to keep going. Not so much of, "you can do it Sarah" but more of "let's do this together".

Got difference right? The first one doesn't feel like it helps. I mean, of course I know I can do it, but whether or not I want to continue being in that pain and go forth. The second one makes me feel like if I stop, you would stop too and I wouldn't want that. So, that kind of push works better on me. Hah. Very the picky type of girl leh.

Anyways, we all had a lot of fun. A LOT. We saw Backstreet Boys too! *inside joke*

Oh, and we all came in like pairs-clothing. And no, we didn't plan it. JUST SO CHUN.

LOVE ITTT! I love dress codes and everyone wearing same colour  It's like so happy kind of mood :)