09 March 2015

Coach // Prairie Satchel in Pebble Leather

I would never consider myself as those who will allocate certain amount of money to get things like handbags, heels and hairdos. 


Until this year. 

No idea what has gotten into me but I have been spending money on flats and looking for handbags that can last me a long time. 

We were window shopping last night when I decided to walk into Coach. Regretted after that. So, there's this bag that I saw and I tried it on and love it instantly. 

I've been searching high and low for a red bag that I can hand carry and also as a sling bag when I want to and obviously I still haven't found any. So sad.

Then, Coach happened.

They have like so many colors right, but I especially love the red one. For the sake of memory and since it's my current obsession, I shall blog about it.

 I even had a dream last night about the bag. I can't remember the beginning of the dream but one thing very clear was I was opening a cupboard and there it was. This Prairie Satchel in Pebble Leather // Style Number: 34340 in all the colors available.

Then I woke up. 


I just called the Coach store in Johor Premium Outlet and they say they don't have this model there! THIS IS JUST SO SAD!

The price here is RM1,420.

I know right. Who in the right mind will spend a thousand ringgit on a bag that is quite small? I won't. I rather spend that one thousand on travelling.


Anyone going to the United States? It's about RM1,000 if I get it from the States I think.. I don't know lah. 

This is just so torturing. 

Ladies, never walk into a store that you might regret coming out from it later on. NEVER.