01 March 2015

First Day of Third Month.

It's really March already?

My favorite month is gone? So fast?

It's okay. I had fun in the 28 days that I had. 

That also means that Chinese New Year is going to be officially over in five days time, right? 

No more collecting angpow. No more CNY cookies. No more going to people's house. No more. 

I was supposed to be patient and will till the last day to open all the angpows but I kinda opened it already? And counted it also d?

No idea why this year don't feel like waiting till the end only do it. 

Last year I managed to collect about RM900+.

This year only RM700+. 


Somehow, this year's CNY felt a bit more toned down. Like there wasn't anything major that we do this year as to compared to last year's and the year before. Even for my family, it was a bit more relaxed and boring if I may say on certain days of the new year.

I didn't even get any new clothes for myself. My first and second day's dresses are from my mom's. I was okay to be just wearing some dress from my closet but mom insisted that I wear something new. 

Hence, the first day's dress which I thought at first was just a type of dress that I will never buy. The color and pattern. Yes, I don't really have good fashion sense. Sometimes, not at all. Just wear whatever that's comfortable. Heh.

Anyways, I guess I'm gonna take a quick nap while waiting for Muthu to come home from KL. 

Sunday = compulsory afternoon nap.