26 March 2015

Pashmina Scarf.

To be honest, I was struggling for quite a bit on what should I update today. 

I wanted to talk about the most recent airplane crash but it's too sad. I cannot. So, I decided to just read on the news.

So, after thinking on what to write for so long, I finally came out with one thing.

Actually, I didn't come out with anything. Heh.

My brain is still as blocked as two days ago. 

I realized somehow these days, I tend to want to be in my loose t-shirts and over-sized shorts with my hair all tied up and stay home. No contact lens, no eyeliner and no spending money elsewhere.

Speaking of money, we went to Gurney last night and the lover shopped like a royalty. Okay, maybe not like a royalty since royalties won't feel the pain after spending so much money in less than 3 hours. Hah. 

I think he deserved the shopping moment that he had last night since he has been keeping his money so tightly (heh!). Nolah, what I meant is he has been saving like a good man and it's time to let loose a little. Yes, babe? Hah.

If it wasn't for the painful legs and needing to get burger for mom, he would still be going everywhere to find some of the other items that is still unchecked. 

I'm proud to say that I didn't spend a single cent last night. 

Err.. Kit Kat counted ah? RM2.90 it is then.

No idea what to talk about what already. Head is starting to ache. Bleh.

I shall end this update with a photo. The scarf is made in Cambodia. 100% Pashmina - the finest type of Cashmere wool. And yes, it's very comfortable. Thanks Jayne! :)