30 April 2015

For Jayne.

I don't remember the last time I feel this emotional when someone leaves the company, whether it's my current company or the previous ones. 

Actually, I remembered now. 

It was when I left Dream Catcher for good to start on this current one. I remembered holding back tears as I walked out of the office. It has been one of the greatest blessing to have worked with the Dreamers and to have known them and call them friends. 

But life has to go on right.

I hate goodbyes.

Today is Jayne's last day with Holiday Tours & Travel Penang. If I need to use a word to describe my friendship with Jayne, it would definitely be God-sent.

She's a God-sent. 

She came to HTT at the right season of my life. She assisted me in coming out of my comfort zone after almost 2 years here. She helped me in so many things about life and work and everything else that's under the sun. 

Being in the same department with this lady has been nothing but an adventure, as a workmate and as a buddy. All the crazy times we had together is going to be pocketed and kept safely in the back of my mind. And here of course. Heh. 

She's the kind of colleague that everyone wants to have. 
She's funny and she's generous.
She will always be more than willing to go the extra mile.
She's very helpful and she's always there when you need someone.
She's always smiling.
She's one of the most genuine person I've met.
She's one of a kind.
She's honest and she stands firm in the things that she believes in. 
She's one crazy girl.
She's the kind of girl that you will never be able to guess her real age :)
She's precious.
She's my friend.

She's a God-sent.

I'm happy that she knows very well what her passion is and she's going all out to pursue them. 

This may be the end of our career path together, Jayne but I know surely we both will be friends for as long as time allows. 

Now, let's plan for our next getaway! Heh.

Going to miss you a lot, Ms Cheah :)

We celebrate your next season of life and for that, we shall always always hang out and travel the world together :)