08 July 2015

3D2N Cameron Highlands.

with the Khoo and Kang Family and the lover.
on the 27-29 June 2015.

It's been too long since we all go for a family vacation. So, this time we all made sure that the plan carries on and we all dig out whatever annual leave that we have left. Heh. 

We were choosing between Cameron Highlands and Hat Yai, Thailand because the grandmother really loves Hat Yai. It's the one country that she used to go so often with my late grandfather. So, I actually thought it would be really nice to be able to bring her there again. 

In the end, we decided to go to the highlands because Hat Yai seems pretty unsafe for the 2-years-old. No one is complaining since the weather at Cameron is the best kind. Penang has been too hot lately. So, this getaway will help cool everyone down. 

Prior to the trip, we searched for a place to stay. We obviously want a place that can fit everyone, all in the same house if possible, so hotel is out of the list.

I came to this CHI'S APARTMENT page when searching on Agoda. I thought that was pretty okay since the entire house can accommodates up to 10 people. We have 12 people. So, still okay. I don't think I will be able to find such a place with that price. I thought that it was quite cheap for the whole 2 nights.

Kitchen equipped with a kettle, a big wok, glass plates and cups, forks, spoons, knife, fridge can use yes and a clean sink AND A VIEW :)

Balcony view from 12th floor, which is also the top floor for this building.

Master Bedroom - sleeps 3 persons. Our case, 3 people on that king size bed. Still okay.

Bedroom 2 - sleeps 4 persons. Our case again, sleeps 3 people on one of the bed.

Bedroom 4 - sleeps 3 persons.

Again, I forgot to take photo of the toilet. I tend to forget the toilets and usually its because it's just okaylah. Nothing extreme to any side of clean or yucky.

The location very strategic okay. The best kind already if you want to stay at Brinchang, near the Pasar Malam, all walking distance. 

Chi's Apartment, Brinchang. The apartment is actually located in an apartment named Crown Imperial Court. So, if you need to use Waze, search Crown Imperial Court instead. Actually, very easy to get there. 

Brinchang got one Petronas Station on the left side (if you're coming from S Corner). If from Tanah Rata then Petronas will be on your right. So, you will see Petronas on your left, turn left at the junction JUST BEFORE Petronas and immediately you will see CROWN IMPERIAL COURT on the yellow-ish-orange building. 

For 2 nights, it was RM 700 for 10 people. So, it's only RM 70 per person for 2 nights. RM35 per night. Cheap what. 

Will I go back there if I go in big groups? 

Yes, definitely yes. 

I believe the place you stay during your vacation makes quite a big difference on the overall. So, it is very important to end up with a great accommodation that's according to your budget. VERY IMPORTANT. So, choose wisely and read reviews. READ ALL THE REVIEWS. Or you can just read my reviews. Hah. I'm really honest you know :)

Everything else of the trip was basically spontaneous and free & easy. Me, the need-to-know-the-plans-freak was having a hard time at first but it was fun not having to plan the itinerary. Heh.

We left on Saturday afternoon because the lover had to work that Saturday morning. Boohoo right. My uncle left slightly earlier but okaylah, it didn't feel like we need to rush also. We have 3 days there okay. 

I only packed my bag the night before and you know what. I see myself quite a pro when it comes to remembering things to take for traveling. Serious. I don't need to list down the items. Maybe most of you also don't need to write down lah but this is one of the skills that I'm actually quite proud of. Heh.

BUT THEN FOR THIS TRIP, MY BRAIN STRAIGHT HANG. Restart a few times also still hang. G!

Due to the disease that I have called laziness, I just reached out to any writable material on the table and almost decided to use a lipstick to write because I couldn't locate any pen within the distance that my eye can reach. Heh. Disease ni serious. 

I was actually thinking really hard on my #ootdonlywhenitravel for the first day. So I thought that since I managed to go through Hanoi's winter, this winter should not be a big deal lah. I chose the thinnest cloth top and pair it up with a green shorts and a pair of slippers. Win.

We haven't even got to the Second Penang Bridge yet and our friend here reached Europe d.

The games-addict.


Here we come, eighteen degrees :)

I'm not gonna go day by day on this since I've been to Cameron Highlands so many three times and there's only this much you can do there. Heh. 

Holiday Tours & Travel's Penang Branch FIRST Company Trip!

First camping experience in my life!
Ben's Farewell Getaway!

I took a day leave on Monday and resumed work the next day. I guess if you ask me whether 3D2N is too many days for Cameron, I will not have like a yes and no answer. For me, it felt okay because I kinda like the weather so staying more days is okay for me although there's nothing much to do there other than eating strawberries, visit Lavender Farm, go to Cactus Valley, eat steamboat, go Pasar Malam (only on Fridays and Saturdays) and hang out in Starbucks at Tanah Rata.

So yeah, some people might find 2D1N just nice. 

I really don't mind staying more days on top with nothing to do. Really loving the low temperature up there. It got very cold at night in our house because it was on the top floor and it was just so relaxing to be in the cold. No need stress with sweat after shower all. Bestt.

Recently, I posted a similar photo of the bouquet that Koay got for me over the weekends at Cameron Highlands. I will share here also since next time when I read back, it's here. If not, have to scroll on Instagram like don't know how many million pages later.

We were all walking out of Pasar Malam when mom noticed the flower stall. He noticed my mom noticing it so he also pulled my hand and walked towards it. Then, he started asking the price and when the lady said, "1 for RM5, 2 for RM10" (this is when Ben's song played in my mind - I for RM5, 2 for RM10 I dance for you also can HAHA miss you Benjii!)

So, when both my mom and Koay heard about the price, they were shocked. Yes, they asked again to confirm. 

Story short, he looked around and wanted to get a bouquet of roses for me. Before that, he was like saying to me, "Babe, this is the only time I can buy you flowers!" Both started laughing loudly again. 

I'm so not the flower kind of girl but it's roses leh and so cheap leh. Okaylahh. I take. 

He was about to take some other colored roses (looked quite fake and not nice) when I quickly say, "Red one! Red one is best d! Don't ever buy rose in other colors okay?"

Then, I realized white and black roses are nice too, but maybe for funerals yes? Are they really naturally white or black ah? Or coloring? Hmm. I lazy google.

When he gave it to me, I was like, "You better not propose here ah! Not in front of so many people pleaseeee. I malu!"

It's amazing how we openly share things like that. 

I used to tell him that our proposal must be very unique okay. Must have like hidden photographers because I want to show our children and grandchildren all. Then now, I think the best kind is when it's only between the both of us. Take note please, Adrian Koay :) Okay, now I sound like a desperado gf who wants to quickly tie this knot. Heh. I'm not desperate please. 

I actually typed out a long post on this here but decided to share it separately on another post since this one is on Cameron Highlands. For now, just let it digest that I'm not a desperate-want-to-get-married-kind. We love what we have now and yes, we will eventually tie the knot one day :)

This is by far the best steamboat I have eaten at Cameron Highlands. No joke. Soup is good, view is spectacular and the temperature at the balcony while eating is amazing. 

He got his jacket just the night before the trip. We bought our jackets together 3 years ago and now that the color has worn out, we AGREED that we both shall invest on a new one, each. Heh.

Who drinks cold coffee in the cold weather? Who?

Since the kitchen at Chi's Apartment was quite equipped, we bought fresh foods and mom cooked them :)

Who eats this kind of combination with bread? Who? Hah.

His favorite thing to do. 

The Lavender Garden has nothing also why charge RM6 per adult I just don't get it. Never again. Never.

Thank God for the highlands that we have in Malaysia. Not everyone can afford to go winter countries right. So, whenever the cold weather is needed or missed, just make a trip to the highlands that we have okay.

Next holiday/getaway shall be happening soon!

For 3 days and 2 nights at Cameron Highlands

2 nights' stay at Chi's Apartment: RM70
Food : RM110
Shopping: RM50