01 July 2015

Koay's Love Language #6, #7 and #8.

*We were both driving back from Prai in two separate cars. His car was in front of mine*

*Phone screen: Love calling..*
Him: Brother.
Me: Hamisu?
Him: Focus ah when you driving. Don't fall asleep hah.
Me: Ehh how you know I'm feeling damn sleepy?
Him: I know lah. I can sense. 
Me: Elehhh.

*voice mail through whatsapp from Love..*
Him: Wei.. Got entau ba in front of you wei.. 2262.. (referring to himself in the car in front in case you didn't get that Heh)
Me: Really meh? I wouldn't know leh cos I don't scope guys. HAHA!

*Phone screen: Love calling..*
Him: Hello! I'm at Prai now.
Me: Ehh. I'm going Prai later also. AND I HAVEN'T EAT LUNCH YET. (Actually I had lunch already, just wanted to say see whether he wants to eat with me or not)
Him: Your pasal lah. 
Me: Whattt! 

That's why we're best friends. We're the only people that can be rude (lovingly) to each other. Hah.