29 July 2015

Hari Raya At The Beach.

It's almost two weeks already since Malaysia celebrates Hari Raya this year and now only I wanna upload the photos. Photos that I didn't take. Heh.

It was that day that I decided to not use my phone to take any photos. I usually do that on occasions for blogging purposes but I thought since my cousin is gonna be taking the photos, I might as well just take from her. Hah. 

The owner of the picnic place that our family goes to since we were young decided to not rent that area out anymore. They don't own the beach but their house is located right at the beach so I guess you can say that they have full control on who uses that beach (sort of) and their toilets and stuff. Did I also mention that they were really rude? Their mother (a very old lady) moved to KL so these young people decided to just be rude and shut us off. 

Manners maketh man, yes?

So, we searched nearby for places that we could use and found one at the other end of where we used to be. It was other people's property too but the family of the place went somewhere else for Raya, so we called them and used the place.

Got shower place, tables and canopies for us to use so not bad lah.

Go inside water, come up, eat, go inside water again and repeat hundred times correct already.

It was a very needed break. Actually any kind of getaway/holiday is very much needed lah. Who doesn't need holiday wor?

Gotta love the sun, all-day err-day.