24 July 2015

Globally Stressed Out.

I do not ever want to leave this space empty for days. It's my comfort place okay.

The thing is work has been crazy lately. 

I'm starting to handle global accounts so I have a lot of conference calls with the U.S. team and stuff.

I'm still so new in this global thing because it's so huge and serious and crazy. It's giving me so much stress that pimples are popping out like popcorns and I get nightmares about them. Heh.

I'm thankful for the opportunities given though. 

It's just everytime I get home, I'll be so worn out to even wanna update anything. I don't even want to look at the laptop's screen to be honest. AFTER OFFICE MEANS SEE PEOPLE FACE NOT COMPUTER. Bleh.

Not to mention that Koay and I have a wedding to plan! No, not ours. Hah.

This wedding plan is kinda like both our first major project together and as stressful as it will be, we are actually enjoying the working-together-thing. 

Oh wells.

Here's to 3 more months before the wedding.