13 August 2015

2D1N Hatyai, Thailand.

Oh my I have so many things that I want to talk about. I'm actually still trying to decide whether to put everything on a post or just break it up for the next few days. 

The remaining of August is so crazy. I have 3 major presentations (1 in KL and the other 2 at a global company in Penang), a week-long training in KL. Not to mention so many emails and conference calls in between. 

To be honest, I love being busy with work but this month is just definition of madness.

Anyways, we shall focus on the one thing now.

Few weeks back, I went to Hatyai over the weekends with the lover's colleagues and buddies. It was like a needed getaway since the madness at work was about to begin. Then again, everytime I go somewhere, it will always be labeled as 'needed'. Hah.

with Koay's colleagues and friends (11 of us in total)
on the 1-2 August 2015.

This part of Thailand is like our second home this year. We have been there so many times and if not mistaken, we have more plans to returning for short getaways. Although our value of money is decreasing, things are still cheaper there. No need to mention massages because it obviously is. 

Although it was not our first time there, it was our first time driving through the Malaysian Border. We parked our cars at the Duty-Free place before Thai Border.

We even know a couple who owns a song khiew and can take us around for quite a reasonable price. The man is from Penang but his mother was a Thai so he ended up staying in Hat Yai and married a Thai lady. We call him Ah Chai. He speaks Hokkien, actually both of them can speak in our comfort language. We got to know them many years ago when we first went to Hatyai together. We lost their contact number and what do we know, the next thing we know we met them at the exact same place as years ago. Heh.

And we have his number now so when we need song khiew, we just need to call him. If not, then just take another song khiew, its everywhere. Its usually known as tuk-tuk but no, really its correct term is song khiew. Hah. You're very welcome :)

This time, I didn't really take a lot of photos. Lazy lah seriously. Why can't I just have like a photographer follow me whenever I travel? That would be nice. 

All the moments captured and I have nice photos to post here but yeah. One day lah when I have like gazillions of money. Heh.

Anyways, our itinerary very simple. Shop, eat, massage, eat again, show again and massage again. 


Considering that I bought so many things and ate so many times, RM500 is quite okay I guess or so I keep telling myself. Hah.

The hotel we stayed at is called Red Planet Hat Yai (used to be Tune Hotel), so someone genius bought over and re-named it Red Planet to save cost in re-painting the entire hotel. 

Standard Twin Room

If you ask me whether I will stay in this hotel again the next time I go Hat Yai, the answer is definitely yes. I prefer this over Lee Garden. Although Lee Garden is situated right in the middle of everything and they provide daily breakfast for all rooms, their room is very dark and is not as new as Red Planet Hat Yai.

Red Planet Hat Yai do not have daily breakfast and is not in the middle of the happenings BUT it's really clean and their room is so huge you can add at least another two roll-out beds AND they are not very far from Lee Garden, about 5 minutes of walking. So yes, Red Planet is now our favorite hotel at Hat Yai :)

I really enjoyed this trip. What made all trips different is the people you go with. I can go to the same place over and over again and still enjoy my time there because of the people you travel with. These people are a bunch of jokers okay. I laughed so much I probably burn all the extra fats in the belly. Kid you not. It gave me an opportunity to know his colleagues in a very fun way.

I really believe that it's through travel that friendships are quickly formed and on my own experience, it's always faster to know them through a travel-together-experience. So, if any of you would like to know me better, TRAVEL WITH ME :)

We reached Penang at about evening time and as much as we love Thai Food, we went straight to tapau nasi kandar for late dinner. SO THE VERY YUMS. Okay, now I'm thinking that's probably what I want to have tonight looking at the photo. Ahhh.

TOTAL MONEY SPENT for one (1) person
For 2 days and 1 night at Hatyai, Thailand

1-night stay at Red Planet Hat Yai (standard room) = RM50
Food + Shopping = RM250
1 full body massage + 1 foot massage = RM60
Transport (car/van/song khiew) = RM140

[Note: RM1 = 9 THB (as of 1 August 2015)]