02 September 2015

My Eyeliner Embroidery Story.

Some may have heard of this, some may have not.

I only found out about this 'invention' or 'process' or 'treatment' or whatever you want to call it one day when I woke up late and was rushing to work. Since I over-slept that day, so I quickly just draw my eyeliner accordingly but realized later in the office that it's obviously not the same thickness (you will know what I mean if you draw your eyeliner sometimes).

It's a double disaster for me because both my eyelids are different in its thickness, in the way it folds against my eyes (see photo below!). So, I have always been watching Youtube videos on how to draw in a way that both eyeliners will seem like its same thickness. CANNOT ONE I TELL YOU!

It's so impossible that I just try to do my best on a daily make-up basis. If it's nice, great. If not, then just suck it up. Also, I am the laziest person I know. You see on the photo below right, one side thin and another side thicker. Stress or not you tell me. 

So, that leads me to do more research on how I can settle this problem. Problem because it takes a lot of time and patience to draw nicely okay. Both also I lack of so yeah.

Then, I saw the word.

Eyeliner Embroidery.

What? I obviously know of eyebrow embroidery but this? Those words definitely caught my attention! So, I read more on it and most of the articles are from overseas. Photos also all not Asian. If Asian means confirm they are photos of plastic surgeries, mostly Korean. Heh.

You can also call it Eye Define Treatment. There's so many names out there to describe this one thing okay. It all roughly means the same thing.

Do you know there's such thing as Lip Embroidery as well? Uh-huh. Crazy right.

That was a few years ago when I knew of this process. Then, I let it go because I don't know anyone who personally went through this and I'm not going to take any risk right. My eyes you know. 


It was just a normal conversation with my cousin in my dining room at 730am. I was getting ready for work and I had just finished drawing my eyeliner. She saw what I was doing and said, "Ehh you very  good at drawing also ah. I'm never good that's why mine is permanent already!"

AGAIN, I WAS SHOCKED! I turned to her and looked at her as if she was my answer to a life crisis! 

Then, she explained further and showed me her eyeliner that was done by Blaze in Penang. I got even more curious because to be honest, I really wanted to have this permanently on my eyelids because I was that lazy but scrap the idea because no one I know did it, or at least it seems no one talks about it lah!

She gave me details of the place where she went to have this done up. I googled even more the next few days, and within two weeks I made up my mind to go for it. 

It says Eyeliner Embroidery so it never crosses my mind that it could be tattoo kind. Well, I think it is a tattoo because the machine that was used looks like one and also because the Director of Blaze, Tony said it is. Hmm. My cousin also said it won't hurt so much, just a little.


Okay, I need to calm down and write this post out nicely so for those of you who wants to do will know what it's like and if it's worth it.

So, what is this thing exactly?

It's like a semi-permanent eyeliner drawn onto your eyelids along the lash-line. If not mistaken, it can last up to 4 years. I don't know what it will look like after 4 years obviously because it's still so new on my eyelids. Remind me again 4 years later and I will tell you. Hah.

When I had finally decided to do it, it was quite difficult to find the right time because Tony is a very busy man. According to my source, he also does all these beauty treatments for Datins in Singapore, hence his frequent visits to the Merlion City. 

I was still looking around at other places where they offer eyebrow embroidery to see if they also have this Eye Define Treatment and I came to know about Empro.

Empro is located at Gurney Plaza but from the way the salesperson says it, it looks like Eye Define Treatment isn't their strength. They only have ONE sample photo of before and after. Errr. 

And they charge like RM700++ for the Senior/Director to do for you. That is really expensive okay.

With that, I went to Blaze and make my appointment. One thing I really love about Blaze is that, no matter what kind of treatments you want to take, the Director/Founder will do it for you. He won't like send his interns (if he has) to do for you. All hands on by himself. Best.

The day finally came and I went in like a warrior and came out like a..


I shall let the photos speak now.

 You enter the room also you feel beautiful already. 

First thing to do is to apply A LOT OF numbing cream. Put as many rounds pun takpa.

HAHAHA to those pimples on the forehead.

The numbing cream process takes about 30 minutes - give and take.

Brother cho siau with my face. 

Then, Tony came in and there's no more turning back people.

It's like taking a black ink pen and drawing on my eyelids. Except this one, HURTS LIKE CRAZY.

Seriously, braces is what man? This one is a whole new definition of pain. In the beginning, I only felt like there was pressure on my eyelids and then before you know it, the numbing cream works 0% and I can feel every needle. I think it's needle lah. 

This is what NO PAIN NO GAIN means. 

Yes, more numbing cream please. KEEP THEM COMING.

According to Koay, my tears kept flowing out the entire time he was doing it but I didn't feel no tears or watery eyes also. That I think the numbing cream is blocking lah. Not the actual pain. Heh. 

So, this is his way of telling me, "I'm here babe and it's all going to finish soon!" 

That or more like, "Hah! See! Told you no need to go for this already! HAH!"

Either way, he's very supportive lah okay. Afterall, it's not like this is a plastic surgery or something.

Tony is a very detailed person and that's why he's so good at what he does. It was really painful but I didn't wanted him to rush it through because I obviously want to have a good outcome. At one point, I think he drew the line longer than the other eye and he used the 'tattoo removal laser' to remove the extra line. 

It happened so fast that I didn't even have time to prepare myself to take the pain. It felt like an electric shock but not really also. No idea how to explain the pain. It lasted like few seconds only tho.

The machine.

Finishto! A bit swollen heh.

Tony noticed that I have never done anything to my eyebrow and he decided that it's time to beautify it FOR FREE. Talk about good customer service people.

Everyone, meet Tony :)

So, eyelids were little bit swollen on the same day but nothing too obvious. I went to a meeting after the treatment okay. So, no problemo.

It's the next day that the eyelids decided to kembang sikit banyak. It was quite painful to open my eyes too. So, it is recommended that you spend more time sleeping to let the swell reduce a bit. 

My eyebrows now so in place! HAHAHA!

Over the next few days, I apply this cream on my eyelids that helps to reduce the swellings. One thing to take notice if you were to go through this amazing process.

Because I apply this cream 3 times a day, I tend to wipe my eyelids once in a while because it can get too oily and even when I bathe I wash my eyes carefully. So, whenever I wipe my eyes with a soft towel, I can see a bit of black skin came out with it so at first I panicked lah. 

I thought the color fake one and already coming off on the second day! Turns out, there will be a layer of the tattoo color that will come out and then you will be able to see the real deal. 

Scare me only okay. I thought there goes my $$$!

The swelling goes off quite fast for me. Must be because I put the cream like 6 times a day instead of 3. Kiasu. 

Freedom tasted bestttttt after no more swelling!

Freedom from having to wake up earlier. Yes, extra 10 minutes to sleep is precious.

Freedom from needing to keep trying on different brands to see which one is really sweat-proof and tears-proof.
Freedom from drawing two different sizes on two different eyelids.
Freedom from people asking, "Eh why both your eyeliners bo siang size eh?"

So, now when you see me, you know that I have the perfect eyeliner on. #taktaumalu

I don't have a lot of photos that shows very obvious of the eyeliner but if you see on the photo below, I think can see a bit. Heh.

No regrets in doing this. The pain is worth it lah I guess. How often can you say that your eyeliner today looks really good wor? I can say that everytime I wake up and after getting out from the pool. No need to worry that it will smear or gone missing. Hah.

Considering that's the only thing I do when I make-up, I feel its one of my best investment so far.

It's not that expensive. 

Only RM371 plus GST and one time free touch-up within a year! 

Okay what! 

Next time you see me, come check it out okay? For ladies out there, if you have anything you want to ask/know more on this treatment, feel free to ask me! :)

Bye now.