04 September 2015

Friyay: Google Adsense Yes!

This is a good Friday because I have finally gotten the permission to display Google Adsense's ads here and earn in something that is not in Ringgit.

The happiness is not entirely because it's the US Dollar that I will earn, but more to the fact that I finally got it. 

When I first apply for it, I was rejected. Boohoo. So, I keep trying and finally with more readings and clicking here and there, it finally happened.

Have you ever like hope and do something only to be turned down a few times and when you finally achieve it, its like you're on top of the world.

One of the best feeling ever I have to admit.

I'm just glad this chapter is over.

Thank you Google Adsense for this opportunity.

My dream of becoming a full-time blogger seems really achievable now. Heh.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Oh and you can follow my snapchat: sarahkhooyw if you want to! It's really fun I promise you :)