18 September 2015

How We Got Our Trip's Name.

As of right now, we are all on our way to Phnom Penh, should be arriving in an hour or so. It has been 5 hours in this VIP van and we actually only found out about the wifi on board on the third hour. Hah. 
Anyways, since I have slept enough and there isn't anything to see outside other than trees and wet road, I shall share on how we have finally gotten a name/hashtag for our trip this time. 

It happened today earlier in the noon while we were walking down Ho Chi Minh's busy street when I saw a Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich - also my current obsession) stall and signalled to Koay that I wanted to get one! 

Since Andrew and Beverly had just arrived and only have few hours to experience Vietnam, I convinced them to try it and they did. 

So, while waiting for our Banh Mi, I placed Koay's bag on the chair (heavy okay!). 

When my Banh Mi was ready, I took it and then we walked off! Yes, without Koay's bag. Funny thing was no one realized anything, not even Koay himself since he also was eating the sandwich. 

We continued walking until Koay saw a Vietnamese economy rice shop and we decided to rest and let him eat first. It was right after we pay for the meal that Koay suddenly said, "Guys! Where is my bag?!"

I remembered feeling so shocked because we looked around and did not see anything! We tried to think and trace back but we could not and it's probably because we panicked like mad d. 

Koay insisted that we go back towards the route that we took earlier and we did. We ran and think and ran and all of a sudden, Jack said, "IT'S WITH THE BANH MI LADY! I think I saw Sarah put there!"

We straight sprinted to the stall and before we reach the stall, the lady was already looking at us with her left arm over the bag, what looks like she was guarding it. 

A rough total of RM2,000 and my favorite portable raincoat is now back to us safely and never again leaving our sight. Hah. 

Thank God Koay got hungry and thank God we sat down to rest! 

This is by far, the most adrenalin rushed kind of incident since we started this backpack trip! I will share more when I get back cos if I continue, I might puke on the sleeping Koay next to me anytime now. Heh. 

So, ladies and gentleman, we now have a hashtag/group's name and it's called TIOKCHEHKIA BACKPACKERS 😅 

Have a great werkend, everyone!