11 November 2015

3D2N Estadia Hotel, Melaka.

If there is one thing that I really cannot get bored of doing on a daily basis, that would most definitely be staying in good hotels. What made it even better is of course having my whole entire family come with me :)

It was quite some time ago already and I suddenly just remembered that I have missed this hotel out. HOW COULD I?

Estadia Hotel is worth my time and energy and I will tell you why.

Over the weekends, we decided to drive down to Malacca for a really quick getaway. Grandma came along this trip and she had just mentioned about it days before we decide to go. All the cencaluks and Malacca brown sugar she could get her hands on. Hah.

It took us many many hours to reach this city. Boy was I happy when we finally saw red buildings here and there. No need o introduce Malacca because if till now Malacca remains a mystery to you then you should just hide yourself in your room and don't come out. 

Seriously, make some time and plan a trip to Malacca. I've been to Malacca countless of times and every time also very fun. If you want to go, go over the weekends. Yes, there will be more people but the Jonker Street will be open and they are only open during weekends. So, don't blame me ah if you go on weekdays and there's nothing to do at night. Heh.

We booked this hotel online, via Agoda if not mistaken. It was onlt about RM160 per room per night. Quite okay considering that it's such a new hotel. When I first heard of the hotel, I was like, "Since when Malacca got this hotel eh?"

I assumed that I would know of the new big hotels in Malacca since I go there so often don't know for what. Hah. Wrong. Estadia Hotel is super new and boutique hotel some more and I love staying in new-boutique-ish-hotels like The Signature! Okay, The Signature is not boutique style but it was new when I went. 

Okay, it's not only new. It's actually under the budget unit but also under the luxury category, so it's not really budget also. So, it's like budgetly luxury. Hmm..yeah. 

Apparently, the price is so cheap that time because it was still pretty new so in order to attract more people, they've got to do that. GO TRY NOW BEFORE THEY INCREASE THE PRICE! Heh.

This is one of the unique hotel experience for me because it's themed is Peranakan style kind. So, if you know anyone who grows up during that era or they may love anything that's to do with Peranakan, you need to recommend this hotel. 

I think my grandmother loves it a lot. 

It has a hint of modern style to it also actually. 

Another thing about this hotel is it is very strategically located at the city centre. I don't know if that's the city place but it's connected to the famous Dataran Pahlawan. Imagine how convenient that could be.

My mom and sister walked over to Dataran Pahlawan from Estadia Hotel on their own while the rest of us rested in the room for a while. No need to drive out and find place to park. Seriously best kind of location. 

One thing about the room though is that it's awfully small. It is really small. 

It may seemed like it're quite spacious in my panorama photo (must be my great photo-taking skill lah) but it's really not. 

As much as I love this hotel, I would not recommend it if you plan to sleep 3 adults in here. If it's just 2 people then it's perfect. 

Next time when I travel with Mut to Malacca, this hotel will be in the list of hotel-must-stay. 

There were 7 adults, 1 child and 1 infant with us in two rooms with a connecting door. 

I had to sleep on the floor between the two super-single beds. How sad. 

Ehh then again ah, their super-single beds can sleep 2 adults. Serious I kid you not. Especially you all lovey-dovey kind of couple, even better right? You can share the room with your another couple-friends.

If you want comfort, just opt for 2 people in a room. That's the best already!

So, here's my little 2 cents on Estadia Hotel, Peranakan home-style luxury hotel, only in Malacca. TRY IT GUYS :)

It's November already? Siau meh.