26 November 2015

Engagement Dinner For Two.

In the midst of all kinds of moments and seasons, one thing that helps me calm down (literally) is this: blogging.

It may be on random things like this one and this one and this one and this one. Just as long as I blog. So, it could be anything under the sun, moon and stars. 

Recently however, I've noticed that I've been posting a lot on the recent-status-change. Don't blame me okay. It is really a big moment for me, for us. Okaylah, don't know much on the impact for him but at least for me, it seems like everything changed. 

I think the very moment when he posted that YES! SHE SAID photo on Facebook and Instagram, his friends immediately already knew what they were going to do for his bachelor party. More like, where they wanna have his bachelor party. Hangover Part 4. GGDOTCOM liau.

Anyways, for me it was breathtaking. Yeah, I literally forgot to breathe that few seconds and every now and then. The thought of becoming someone's wife in less than a year scares me actually. Not in a really bad way. I don't know. 

I take marriage very seriously and I know once I'm in it, there's no way out. It's really going to be till death-do-us-part and I strongly do not agree with divorce under any circumstances at all. 

I guess because of that, I tend to want to talk about it a lot because I am super excited for it. If you're not excited for me, then you no good friend lah okay. KIDDING!

Anyways, we wanted to celebrate our engagement and remember that day when it happened but because money is something that we cannot simply spend and something that we don't really have (at the moment), we decided that we will not do it with both sides of family. We wouldn't want to celebrate big and pay for a dinner with money that we do not have. Heh. 

So, we decided to have a candle-light dinner together. No candles obviously because candle-light dinner is way too serious and quiet. Hah. I tell you ah we're so not the fine-dine kind of people la. 

It didn't take long for us both to decide where to dine because this place is a place where we always looked past it and will never stop and go in eat. BECAUSE THEY ARE EXPENSIVE APPARENTLY.

And since this is an engagement dinner, we were like, "HOR EE LOK!"

Did you know that we actually postponed our dinner a few times already because both were not in the 'right mood'? WE TOTALLY DID. 

To know where we went for dinner, click sini pergi WhatTwoEatHere tengok. 

We decided to do it on a Monday because then the day started out to be exciting as we both will be thinking of the dinner so no blues. At least for me it wasn't blue. I don't think he ever has problems with Monday blues. He's too in love with the things he does. Hm. 

Anyway, we also made it a point to dress-up for this dinner because it's a big night okay. So, after work, changed into a dress and put on nice make-up and wore heels. Mood also was right so best giler ya. I think he saw that I wear so nice d then only he quickly change to another shirt in the car. Heh. 

He brought flowers before dinner. No, seriously he did. HOW ROMANTIC CAN.

He called for booking earlier and requested for a romantic corner and guess where they placed us? 

Right next to the window, which was perfect I guess except there was no view also. It basically sees the main road and carpark. Heh. But what other view do I need since I have my lover in front of me, right? HAH! GELI!

We dined and wined and talked about everything other than the wedding planning because that could end up in either two ways. 

One, we will end the topic realizing that there is a lot of work to do and bring to ourselves the extra stress that we don't want during dinner. 
Two, we will set the mood off because we will reach to yet another junction and both will 'argue' till we agree to disagree in the end, and boy you wouldn't want to be with us when we are at that junction because the debate is endless okay and loud. Hah.

So yes, no wedding talks. Just us and pointless topics. 

Then, after that we went to our potential-wedding-ceremony venue and walked around. It's so beautiful at night oh goodness. Too bad our wedding ceremony is going to be in the morning. Heh.

Oh right. At first, we didn't want to talk about the wedding right? So, we went to that place and still did not really talk about it. We just kinda stood there and looked at it and smiled. 

I think we both tried to imagine the whole ceremony in the back of our heads at that place. As much I want to reveal where that place is, Muthu suggested that we wait till we get confirmation on the venue then only reveal! Ahhh, the suspense I tell you. 


Okay, I may have just increased all your expectations on this place and if it turns out not so great for some of you, the feelings sure horrible. Okay, you know what? JUST WAIT FOR THE REVEAL! COMING SOOOON! :)

After like 10 minutes there, it started drizzling and we decided to go home and rest. I took the longest shower while he plays with his Samsung (pfft, change to iPhone already please) and was in my most comfortable jammies. Oh my, nothing beats that. 

My hair all tied up, I have bedak on my face and we shared a bottle of Somersby, while watching Masterchef Australia. Well, I watched the Masterchef. He? He was watchin Youtube with his phone on funny videos or something. But still best kind of night. 

Four years ago, I would not have seen myself here to be with this weirdo. I do see both of us as best friends for life kind of thing but who would ever thought that we both would fall for each other. Yes, you obviously liked me first as much as you want to deny that, Koay. Heh. 

Now, I have about ten months before everyone starts calling me Mrs Koay, which by the way is so weird! I may correct them and ask to call me Sarah instead. Muahaha.

That's it on our engagement dinner that we had, and may we both continue to be as true/real to each other as we are now (except for digging nose in the car :P) with each other.

*raise wine glass* TO MAY MORE YEARS AHEAD OF US!