23 November 2015

Wedding Update 2.

Wedding Update 1 focuses more on a general sense of the dream wedding we want to have because we just didn't have time to sit down and focus on one item at a time, so ma talked about everything. 

Now, we're panicking.

Okay, not really also. 

Anyways, today I just want to pen down some thoughts on venues.

It is so difficult to get the best of both worlds because some hotels have really nice set-up and food and all but only offer a very limited number of tables. Then, the ones that can cater to more people is really expensive. So how?

So, we decided not to have any wedding dinner at all!


Actually, that has always been my plan even before I thought of getting married. I feel, wedding dinner takes up a whole lot sum of money that we don't have and in just a night, all that will be spent and then have to sacrifice honeymoon because no money already so just go Langkawi. 

Nope, Langkawi is not happening, my dear fiance. NOT AT ALL.


Back to the headache. 

The first thing we did when we sort of have a date in mind was blasting out emails to hotels and hotels only. I am picky because I do not want to have it in a restaurant. TAK SUKA.

Some hotels replied in 24 hours and some just don't. Till now, some of the hotels didn't even bother replying. Pfffft. Business must be too good for them already. 

Okay, so actions in order will be like:


No, don't pick a date. PICK AT LEAST THREE DATES. I was so confident that no one else was going to have the same-date-wedding with me since it's hundred of days ahead of time. WRONG! It seems like everyone else got their hotels booked already, on our date some more. SAD MAX OKAY. 

So yes, please choose at least 3 dates in case your first choice cannot then you won't panic like me on the phone with the hotel people. We're still on the wait-list on the date we originally wanted with two more couples in front of us. Goodness me.


This was one of the toughest decision that we both had to agree on. My only agreement on having a wedding dinner is to have it at a nice place. The place has to be really amazing kind. The only problem is money. 

For sure there are so many hotels here that are so amazing but their price list is even more amazing leh and they cannot cater to the minimum number of tables that we want. 

For Mut, his priority was the number of tables. He has a lot of people in his invite list (yes, he already started listing them down) and it's going to be super hard to cut down right. 

After many nights of discussion, we have finally decided to put a fix number of tables and work around that number. Happy to say that we have finally able to narrow down on the possible venues. 


This is actually together with the first step, when you send emails to hotels. Obviously everyone knows the main purpose of this kind of email is to get the price quotation and proposal on all that's inclusive with the price offered.


Once we knew what we wanted, we went straight to the hotel and asked for discounts. I feel there isn't much we could do to lower down the price except to list down the items that we are willing to let go that's part of the proposal.

That, and maybe a really good relationship with the hotel people. If you know someone from the inside then that's even better. Maybe they could get you a really good deal. 

I thought we got quite a good deal with this hotel.

Fun fact: it's a hotel we both loved. FAVORITE HOTEL! YAY!

We are not revealing what hotel yet because saja suka hati. Hah. Actually, because it's not confirmed yet!

I tell you why okay!

BECAUSE THERE'S TWO MORE COUPLES IN FRONT OF US ON THE SAME DATE! I know I said this earlier but let me be lah okay. So, we are praying hard that they don't take it so we both can have it on the date that we wanted. If not, have to go to second date choice but I don't want how. 

See how lah.


Yes, if your date is available and you know in your guts heart that this is the venue for the dream wedding, then quickly pay the deposit and seal it, so no one can steal your date from you. Heh. This part hasn't happen yet for us so we shall wait. Oh and we have two venues to confirm some more. One for wedding ceremony and another one for wedding dinner. 


So, this is pretty much it on getting the basic thing set. No venue, no wedding. Heh. Planning own wedding can be quite stressful. Planning for any wedding is stressful. Getting married should not be this stressful okay.

I am very blessed to have a hands-on fiance to do this together with me. If not, I sure pecah.


We started on this planning very rocky because he was really relaxed and at the same time, he was busy with his work. So, most of the decisions and questions I have to answer and that got me on my nerves because I needed someone to do this with. 

We argued once on this and since then, we both knew clearly that in order for both of us to enjoy every process of getting ourselves married to each other, both have to put both hands in together. 

Since then, the stress is not so much :)

So yes, this is what we've learnt so far being engaged for more than two months.