01 January 2016

In Loving Memory of Frankie Koay.

I finally got some time to sit down and think of what I want to write for this special someone. It has been three days since the passing of Adrian's daddy. It's afternoon now on the second day of the funeral and friends/families usually do not come at this hour so I find myself a corner furthest away from the small crowd under a canopy that shields the deadly sunlight from my already-char-huey-tah-skin. 

If I may be real honest here, I would like to share some raw thoughts on Uncle Frankie. No one has ever known or heard this from me. Not even Koay. 

When I first met Adrian's family, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Prior to to the meet, I know that his family practices Buddhism and I never have a problem with that. My only struggle (at that time) was knowing that his dad was a bit against Christianity (reasons will not be mentioned here of course) and I am a Christian so yes, I was afraid that our relationship may not be approved or receive their blessings because Adrian and I have different beliefs (at that time before Adrian encountered Jesus) and yes I was scared that his parents will not like me as much. 

I was wrong. From day one, Uncle Frankie has treated me like his own daughter. Whenever we have family dinner, he will always suggest More More Thai (our favorite Thai restaurant) because Adrian told him that I'm a big fan of Thai food. Even when he is tired, he will still make the effort to play few rounds of mahjong whenever I'm at his house. I'm blessed for sure.

Read on, the best part is coming :)

Uncle Frankie has always been a healthy person despite having to go through dialysis three times a week. He had always eat rightly and exercise whenever he has the energy to. Can you believe it that he has gone through the 4-hours-of-dialysis for 11 years now?

It is sad that this time when a bacteria infected him, his body was too weak to fight against and that led to many other complications. It is heartbreaking, but I know he is now safe with Jesus. He is most likely dancing and singing with the angels in Heaven now. Party all day long. Heh. 

When Adrian became a Christian years ago, his dad was one of those people that he felt/thought will not be so approving of this decision. Turns out, his dad was the most supportive and even followed him to church a few times. Even then, Uncle Frankie remains a Buddhist. 

Adrian prays with his dad and mom every night before they go to bed and that has been a culture that both his parents adapt with. So, normally they will always gather either in the living room or his parents room to pray then they will say goodnight and I love you. 

His parents, most supportive bunch ever. 

When Adrian first asked his dad if he could go through the water baptism, his dad answered him, "Maybe not yet." So, Adrian waited for about another year and asked his dad again. This time, his dad gave the permission and both his dad and mom attended his water baptism and rejoiced with him. That was a memorable day. 

Did you know that on the day we bid the final goodbye to Uncle Frankie, the day his body was turned into ashes, that was also the same day Adrian was baptized, exactly a year ago? Talk about God's perfect timing hah. 

Anyways, when Uncle Frankie was admitted into the hospital, he was in and out of consciousness every now and then and his body was weak. There was one morning where he woke up and told Adrian to gather his mom and sister to be at the hospital. 

As soon as they came, he had asked for their permission to accept Christ as his personal Savior and then Pastor Joseph came and led him on a sinner's prayer. He also went through water baptism okay. This is an amazing story because Uncle Frankie used to be known as someone whom doesn't like Christianity. You cannot even mention about it in front of him. 

Despite all that, he had asked to accept Christ and now we all know he is in Heaven, painless. 

Death is never an easy chapter, especially when it's someone so important to you. 

Hi Uncle Frankie, 

It's been a blessing to me and my family ever since we knew you about three years ago. I am so thankful that my friends even got the chance to know you when they all went over to the house for CNY gathering. 

I am very sad that you won't be there when Adrian and I make our vows, or spoil our children like any grandparents would. I am very sad that I never got the chance to call you father and be a good daughter in law. I am very sad that my children will never get to feel your hugs and kisses and know you like how Wallace and Chloe did. 

But it's all okay because I know that you are where God wants you to be, in His arms with no more dialysis and no more tubes in and out of your body. 

We miss you and we always will. We will see you again in Heaven one day :)

Singing off, your daughter in law to be.