23 January 2016

Working Life.

I don't know for most of you, but my January 2016 started out not the way I have expected it. Actually, I don't really know how I expected it to be like to be honest.

I guess I didn't expect to be THIS busy during such an early time of the year. I know that I have been saying this BUSY word a lot lately and I also know that my definition of busy is probably your very mild normal but yeah. 

This year, I received another promotion (only God can do this kind of thing because I honestly do not know what I did right all this while to be able to get this) and as much as I am loving my new role, it also means that I have more on my plate now. 

I am not boasting. I am writing this because sometime along the line, I would love to look back and be reminded on all the impossible things that God has done for me which I really don't think I deserve. In my four years (FOUR AGAIN! WHAT'S WITH EVERYTHING FOUR THIS YEAR) of being with this amazing travel agency, I have been promoted three times. If this is not insane, I really don't know what is. 

I am beyond thankful. 

I am loving my new role because it gives me some power to make decisions. Small and big ones. Big like those global kind of big decisions. It's scary but it gives me that sense of empowerment that most people look for as they work hard to be successful. I kinda like doing sales but not as much as err, being bossy? Heh. 

It's not a surprise that I'm a bossy person and I'm glad that I have found the one person who could boss-me-down (sort of) and allow me to see in a different perspective and train on good bossiness, if there is even such thing. Hah. So, thanks Mut :)

So, this new role that I've got, allows me to be bossy to some extent and now I feel like I'm at my best and the sky is seriously the only limit, and my big boss. Heh. I look forward to achieving greater things for this company :)

So, thank you Big Man!

I feel I'm a very faithful employee. Heh.