12 January 2016

Wedding Update 4: Honeymoon Hideaway.

I was quite shocked to realize that honeymoon was not the first few things that we thought of, for the first few months of being engaged. 

Especially for me, considering of the passion I have towards traveling. I may have or may not have mentioned to Mut that I need to go for holidays at least once on a monthly basis. It doesn't have to be outside of Penang (although highly favored) just as long as there is a significant event that happens on that month, like picnic or something. 

I realized now that it is quite impossible but I think we are doing fairly well. There's like almost 2 or more events that happen in a month, so I guess that's pretty okay. I'm talking about solely on traveling and going new places okay. Heh. 

So, my expectations before being engaged (for honeymoon planning) was that:

I would be more concerned of where we go for honeymoon than anything else. 

I would mind (a lot!) where the honeymoon is going to be and how long it should be. 

I would need to check and calculate on my period schedule because well, I think this one needs no explanation. 

I'm going to spend more moolahs here because it's honeymoon leh. 

Wrong lah. All these didn't happen to me, surprisingly. The choosing date all also I never track and check on my period also. If it comes, it comes la then Koay just have to continue waiting. Heh. 

To be honest, we didn't even have the 'Where should we go for honeymoon?' and 'how many days should we do it?' questions in our 'serious' discussions on the whole preparation until we finalized our wedding dinner venue, which will be on another update. 

Anyways, I cannot remember anymore when it sort of hit us me that I needed to do my research on the perfect honeymoon place. Of course the first place I looked at was Club Med Maldives, the Lagoon Suite that overlooks the sea. At that time of search, it was RM12,000 for two persons, excluding flights. 

Muthu gave me a budget of RM5,000 for 2 persons including of everything. I told him, "YOU MUST BE CRAZY!"

I also told him, "MY BUDGET IS RM10,000 PER PERSON". Obviously, he said to me, "YOU SIAU!"


Being in the fourth month of being engaged makes me realize that although money is made of paper, it does not grow on trees, sadly. If not, I would have been a gardener. Hah. So, in the end, we opted to go somewhere closer to home. 

If you have guessed Thailand, you are wrong, but that would be the correct answer if you have known us both well enough. Heh. We decided not to go to Thailand because we do that on normal occasions.

This country came up top when I googled 'Honeymoon Destinations in Asia', but that's not the main reason why we chose it. 

There were a few reasons such as:

  • Muthu has vowed never to go to this particular city in this country with me before we get married. He 'sort of' believed in their legendary curse.
  • For a pretty small amount of money per night, we could have a private villa all to ourselves, that comes with a swimming pool, mind you. 
  • Muthu has agreed to go for a second honeymoon in December (somewhere winter-ish) if we opt for somewhere close like this place.
  • It is in the Top 15 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Google and it ranks first. 
  • The whole honeymoon expenses will be according to his budget. RM5,000 for two of us. Heh. 
  • We could have opted for a honeymoon that's further away (can go for longer time) and not do wedding dinner, but we of course chose the latter. 
  • I personally like (a lot) the idea of going on a second honeymoon to a winter country this year itself. So, I guess we're in. Hah. 
With all these in mind, the destination has been chosen. 

Let's all be fun and take a guess!

Nope, it's not Cambodia, although we would really love to but a night in a nice hotel costs about RM1,500 per night. No thanks. 

It's obviously not Santorini (top pick for me!) because the boy doesn't want to travel so far just to go Santorini. Go so far means must explore other parts nearby also but since moolahs quite limited, so next time lah. 

I didn't even dare to suggest South Africa because I know for sure he will say, "Crazy!". If you didn't know, I have always want to travel to South Africa for the open safari/zoo experience. Now you know :)

New Zealand also went through the mind a while, but we won't be able to enjoy with the current moolahs we've got. So, this one also next time. 

Korea and Japan also not very suitable because it's very city-ish which we don't want for our honeymoon. 

Okay, keep guessing now. 

We shall reveal soon, when the second half of the plan is finalized. We've paid for the first part so that's how excited we are getting since there's eight months left. Hah.

Now that's a crazy countdown. 

Okay bye now.