07 January 2016

Koay's Love Language #12.

He had just gotten his iPhone 6s two days ago okay. 

Me: Eh, charge your phone with the powerbank lah, so you can lie next to me and use phone together.
Him: Huh. Can trust one or not the powerbank? Can explode one or not?
Me: Whattt? It's new and it's a powerbank. What explode all?
Him: *came next to me with his iPad*
Me: Why not using phone leh? Where is it?
Him: Charging with the proper cable la.
Me: Why? Can charge with the portable powerbank what. That's what everyone do..
Him: *looked at me* It's too young!
Me: *looked at him, and literally rolled on the bed laughing my lungs out*
Him: Now you know how I'm going to treat my babies next time..