04 April 2016

3D2N at Best Star Resort, Langkawi, Kedah.

It will always feel good when the entire family plans and agrees on going for a holiday, be it near or far. Actually, go far means better eh. Hah. 

This short getaway we decided to go to the nearby island, famous for its cheap chocolates. Since the grandmother could not walk too much or far, we thought Langkawi could be the perfect one now, with such short notice. 

It was quite difficult to book hotel rooms at Cenang Beach during that season, I think it was a short school holiday. They were all either fully booked, too expensive (RM1,000 per night kind) or 1/2 * kind of ratings. 

Somehow, we ended up managed to book 4 superior rooms at Best Star Resort, which is also from the same company with the hotel during our last trip there called Langgura Baron Resort, of which I would highly recommend and wanted to stay at this time but was fully booked. Bleh. 

The distance from both hotels also not that far. The Cenang Mall is actually right in the middle between these two hotels, so very nearby nia. 

Best Star Resort is located along Cenang Beach, so no need to cross the road whatsoever to get to the beach. Very convenient indeed. 

Will I choose to stay at Best Star Resort again? Definitely yes but the next time I will probably try another hotel for reviewing purpose. Heh. Life of a blogger (self-proclaimed eh).

More holiday photos down below, so go ahead and feast your eyes on my beautiful Kang Family :)

 Super short getaway but such a needed one. Hah. 

That's what I said everytime I go travel. Heh. 

Oh wells. Till next time we go see the world again yo.

Bye now.