26 April 2016


So many little things that I want to share but I don't know how to so I guess that's how perfect my blog is because now I can talk non-stop here since I own this space. Heh.

Do you know that we are going to have another newborn baby in the family?

I have not had so many travel plans all in a year so this is definitely a rocking year.

This month last year, we all went to Pulau Redang for a beach getaway and Hatyai to celebrate Songkran with the locals. 

I haven't change Ringgit to Won yet. RM is still strengthening so I wait. 

I bought a Getha pillow worth RM118 (after discount) and so far I hate it. When I tried it in the shop, it felt so perfect. I'll give it more time for the body to get used to then. Money no grow on trees ah.

Four months left to doing crazy.

Random but it's also the fourth year of working with this amazing company already.

I am quite addicted to using ShopBack because I LOVE THAT THEY GIVE ME CASHBACKS everytime after I finish buying things. Heh.

I had 2 complimentary vouchers for Sweat Spa but didn't even realized that it had expired and yesterday was the last day. Boo. 

Our toilet tiles are all nicely fixed up.

It's always a good idea to buy travel insurance whenever you travel, especially on a low cost carrier.

Less than a month for us to shoot the pre-wedding photos. Oh my.

Sha Lynn is going to be a big sister in about 4 months' time.

My work-table has to be messy for me to work efficiently. Anyone also like this?

I am still very active on Candy Crush if you may want to know. Level 634 okay.

This month itself I received 2 love letters. TWO. So, then I hurriedly went and buy coupons and stock them up in my Ferrari.

Speaking of Ferrari, I no longer drive a Myvi. Upgrade to Ferrari already thanks to Mister Khoo :)

No more working mood this week FYI.

Last month, I spent RM36 on a fitness app, thinking that I will for sure use it but nope. My laziness has won again. Motivation is off.

I will always prefer to go for hiking than anything else exercise-related.

I do not currently own a laptop and yes this is so sad.

I still have one free-touch-up session for my eyeliner embroidery before September comes.

We've bought tickets to watch Civil War this Friyay. Team Ironman all the way!

Door gift section finally settled and it feels too good.

I do not usually get angry fast but when I do, I just shut down.

We need to go for a spa session soon to relax the body, soul and mind. Hah.

Bye now.