11 April 2016

Wedding Update 9.

We have about five months left before I become a missus and there are a list of things still to be decided. WHY SO MANY THINGS EH?

I shall break them down for easier reading. 


Prepare what again? 

Oh right. We don't know yet who is going to emcee the ceremony (don't know if we need one), how we want to do our marriage union to symbolize unity as one, and what time the whole ceremony will start. 

I am thinking that we don't do it so early so that all our guests can sleep in on a Saturday morning. So caring right this bride and groom? Hah I know I know. 

I'm sorry for those who is expecting to have some kind of brunch served at our ceremony, I would think that most likely we will not have that because that is another money-concerning item and can we stretch some more? I don't think so. Heh. Or maybe we will? See! So many I DON'T KNOWS OH GOODNESS. 


Hah. This one just pops onto my head, like literally 10 seconds after I finish writing the first one. My ideal car would be those old-rustic-convertibles-or-mini-cooper but I also know that to rent one is going to cause the pocket to koyak lagi besar so I am guessing that it would be one of the Sedan cars that we have or something. 


What time start also not confirmed yet. I would like to think that all our guests will not be late for our dinner because we will start on time. If really impossible to start on time, the most we would wait for is 30 minutes, but knowing Adrian Koay, we will most likely start on the time that we decide on. He don't like late-comers eh okay. 


We don't really have like a theme's theme for our wedding because we really don't know which one suits us best. All we know is that our ceremony will be rustic-ish and our dinner will be super formal. So, I guess there is some progress?


There will not be any dress-code (I think! Hah) because it would be too troublesome for our guests to follow according to our colors so it's most likely going to be wear-what-you-want-but-be-super-formal. Heh. 


Believe it or not we have finally bought the flight tickets. Such a big headache because we are not going to just one place okay. 

Penang-Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur-Bali
Lombok-Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur-Bali

All with Airasia. Suddenly I'm not looking forward to fly because I super don't like Airasia but what to do since we need to be in the budget. Stress giler. 

The only flight that we have yet to buy is PEN-KUL-PEN, because it was so pricey at that time. About RM150 per person I think. No thanks I will wait for promo time (hopefully).


This one only applies for me because I am moving into his crib, so for me it's a new thing. For him, sama je lah. Due to many other commitments, we have yet to own a house but that will happen one day I believe. Raffel we've got our eyes on you yo. 

We decided to renovate our future room and give it a total makeover. The renovation has started on the toilet and we have done some essential home-shopping and got ourselves some really good furniture so we are feeling pretty stoked and broke. Hah. 


Oh no no. As much as I would love to be a mother already, I want to maybe travel as much as I can first before the little Koays come along. I teased Koay that we shall start the production next year and he gave me that 'Siau-cha-bor" look. It may seem like I became so desperate at one point. 

But really no rush because I will have a new baby nephew to play with for the next 2 years? I bet my uterus also can wait longer la. Afterall, I'm only twenty-two. Heh. 


Yes, it's out! 

The designs were lovely BTW so thank you again Mr Tan!

Our save the date card has been sent out to a bunch of people, and they are all in soft copies, usually through Whatsapp or FB Messenger or Email. This is just the simple invitation so that our friends who are currently residing elsewhere may lock their dates earlier and make arrangements should they choose to be at our wedding. 

I believe there are still quite a handful of people that we have yet to send to so just hold on okay. Sorry again for those who did not get the card because I can only invite so many :( Don't be angry with us okay. 


This is starting this week and we have been looking forward to do this with Pastor Cowan since January this year. We are finally able to lock down on a weekly Tuesday. 

Cannot wait for the sessions to start. 


Now the headache is this - how am I going to make all my maids wear the same thing without spending money that I currently do not have? They are definitely going to make noise if they were to spend on getting some colored-coordinated clothes. My maids are the worse! KIDDING! I love you all! :) 

Some got brown shoes, some don't have. Some don't even have white shirt. G!

Maybe they should just wear tutu. 

Yes, I am DIY-ing some tutu for photo purposes. Stay tuned! :)


We are feeling pretty okay so far. He is not feeling any urgency yet to rush anything or make any final decisions whereas I am feeling all the stress because I see into the details. He? Umm, making sure I don't spend over the budget? Wait, there's a budget? Hah. 

One thing for sure is that discussing about our 'mini crib' and how we want it to be has brought us closer than ever. It's a very funny feeling. I finally felt so adult-ish to be buying my own furniture and at the same time, picking the furniture or mattress with him brings the joy onto a whole new level. So, it's like I'm not really picking my own bed but co-deciding it with another person and to know that he enjoys the process just as much is just so fulfilling. 

Okaylah, you gonna say we too in love or something but this feeling is so amazing I cannot not talk about it. 

So, if you ask us about us, I would say that we are doing great. More than great! We are looking forward to doing this. I am very excited to sign that paper and nervous. 

Till the next update, stay tuned okay? 

Bye now.