18 October 2016

3D2N Krabi (Bachelorette Getaway).

on 12-14 August 2016
with Andrew, Jeremy, Joshua, Nikki and Vanessa.

About 2 months ago, the maids and myself went on a quick bachelorette party out of Malaysia.

Apparently, many months before that, they have asked Koay on this plan and decided to sponsor me on this trip, where the 5 of them would share my part of the cost.

Of course I didn't know all that until later on. What I am super grateful of is that these humans here know me pretty well compared to other people, and how much I appreciate and love travels like this one. No typical bachelorette stayover at someone's house or anything like this.

This confirms win because who would say no to travel, right?

I obviously won't. Heh.

And probably to those who are still in debt because of this trip. Heh.

Anyways, the other two maids were in OZ land and it would be crazy to have them fly to Krabi for a weekend getaway and fly back again to OZ, and then fly back to Penang for my wedding in less than a month, so they were excuse-able. Hah.

The mister was not allowed on this trip (duh!) because no men allowed. Heh. Kidddinggs. But he was allowed to drop us at the airport because we all know he was going to miss me too much so okaylah, let you see my face longer a bit.

The countdown to this trip was too long, it felt as though we had to wait for a year before this could happen and when it finally did, excited gila.

Since when I was a young girl, I knew that when I get married, I would have boys as my bridesmaids instead of girls. There was no thinking twice on it or all the what ifs.

What if my parents didn't like the idea?
What if people think that it's weird?
What if all my men say no to me?
What if I don't have enough boys?

I knew from the beginning that this was going to be one of those decisions that I will stand by it firmly and that no one would change my mind on it. This and the man that I choose to 'till death do us part'.

So, when he went down on one knee, I knew my only problem for my team was choosing the victims. If I could, I would have extra few more on the team, but nope, tak boleh dah.

I have always been closer to boys than girls, that's no new news. Heh. I am very myself when I am with these people, and I am not afraid to let them see me for who me is. Most of all, we laugh at the silliest, doesn't make sense jokes. We are #squadgoals :)

With that being said, I never expect them to get this pink sash la please, and make me wear the entire time. Malu I tell you. Who would ever thought that they know this kind of things? It's exactly why I don't have girls as part of the team (except for you Vanessa Khoo because you're forever my maid). Heh.

It was either Phuket, Krabi or Lombok, if I'm not mistaken.

I have been to both Phuket and Krabi though for few hours only (via Superstar Libra Cruise), and Lombok if our honeymoon part two place, so I chose Krabi.

We looked up the cheapest flight we could get and landed on Firefly at RM338 per person, which isn't too bad I supposed. It was about an hour's flight so okaylah fly on a small plane.

When we got to the airport, we looked around for van to hire. We ended up paying for a two-ways transfer from airport to our hotel vice versa and our island hopping package. All price will be converted to RM based on RM1=10 baht okay because I lazy to convert chun-chun.

Transfer 2-ways from airport to Aonang Oscar Pool Villa (an air-conditioned van): RM150 per van (about RM25 per person)
Phi-Phi Package by speedboat: RM90 per person

I think you will be able to get it cheaper when you book via the hotel, so learn from our mistake okay. Don't kan-cheong and book at the airport like us noobies.

Of course we had to stop at 7-11 for lunch tapaus. The usual must-do when in Thailand.

Speaking of Thailand, my deepest condolences to passing away of the King. He must have been a great man for the entire nation to grief on him like this.

Of course to no one's surprise, I booked the entire thing for the gang. Not complaining okay please. I went to search for a villa-kind with private pool and found one that looked decently nice and fancy and not too pricey.

Aonang Oscar Pool Villa - 3 bedroom for 6 adults

RM1537 for 2 nights, so that means RM256 per person (for 2 nights stay and a private pool) Not too bad okay. We have kitchen and cutleries to use and microwave oven also.

Got welcome drink. So fancy okay.

There are not too many villas around, so the place is pretty quiet and secluded from the main street.

Nikki got the "seaview" service, but really it was for her :)

We relaxed only the entire day, eat, massage and eat again.

I love making friends with people who loves to cook, especially for breakfast :)

Thanks Nikki and Andrew!

We all got up early to get ready for the Phi-Phi Island Hopping thing, and while the other two were sleeping, we gobbled down all the food we can but not too much for me because of motion sickness (boo!) and off we went to see fishes and mermaids. Hah.

It was raining cats and dogs the night before and the floors outside were wet but it wasn't raining already. Spoke too soon liau.

We had the most energetic tour-guide ever. He is so assuring and positive that when I thought the boat we were on was going to capsized due to the super crazy rough sea, I knew deep inside me that we will survive the crash anyhow. That was how convincing and positive he was. It's madness.

Even though the weather was not great, no sun whatsoever, there were still so many tourists there, waiting to board the speed boats and head out to find mermaids. Hah.

Oh oops. Got sun apparently. For a while nia I supposed since my memory was stronger towards to gloomy part later on.

Again, there were so many people there I thought it was crazy since this time is like an off-peak season (which I understand why because of the constant rain pouring). Sorry no photos of the tourists.

We got on the boat last because we wanted to sit together were busy taking photos. We ended up being separated because they needed to balance the boat and squeeze people here and there. Humans > seats.

Only Josh and Andrew were left to sit at the last row of the boat, just right in front of the engines.

The lady next to Josh vomited the entire way. So kesian okay. Good thing both Josh and I swallowed our anti motion sickness pill before that.

We obviously don't have the photos of the boat ride because we were holding onto dear life. The waves were huge (the biggest I've ever seen in my life) and the boat that we were on was small (compared to the giant waves).

I remember thinking to myself to save Vanessa first because she would most likely fly out first whenever our boat hits down to the waves. It was insane and very scary.

At certain areas, the rain would start pouring and since we were seated outside, we would receive both the rain pouring and sea water splashed to our face.

We thought being in front was the worse part, then we looked behind and saw that Josh and Andrew were getting constant face wash from the sea. NON-STOP FACE WASH. It was hilariousss!

Ahh good times.

We didn't managed to go to all islands because the waves were too big and the rain wouldn't stop.

I was so paranoid about tan lines on my shoulder because I had only a month to the wedding and I do not want a visible tan lines on my shoulder. Nope. 

Used a whole bottle of sun-block for face and shoulder I kid you not. The bottle quite small la actually. Heh. 

We got back at about 3pm-ish and washed up. Rented 3 bikes and roamed the town for a lil bit. The town is very small and so difficult to find local Thai food that is not overly priced. Serious.

The last night we spent it in the pool with food and drinks and talked. Jeremy, myself and Vanessa KO-ed while the rest went for another round of bike-riding where apparently they had the best fried chicken by the beach all.

Too bad lah since Vanessa fell asleep while using her phone and I wanted to "rest" on the bed for a while nia. Hah. Jeremy pengsan terus. HAHA.

It was a great getaway with my favorite people although I wouldn't go back to Krabi anymore. My least favorite place to travel to now confirm. Nothing much to do. Maybe also because of the bomb threats also that caused them to close down the night market.

Oh wells.

It is truly the company that makes all the difference.

Till our next one, maids! :)

Bye now.