28 October 2016

5D4N The Light Exclusive Villas & Spa at Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.

When we agreed on the wedding date, the first thing I did (before confirming everything else) was search for that perfect honeymoon hotel in Bali.

Now, there is so many place to stay in Bali so what I did was just search according to the budget that we are okay with and see if any hotels/villas catch my eyes while viewing. He gave me the full power to decide on honeymoon so I really went for it.

I searched for many days before I concluded that I wanted to stay at The Light Exclusive Villas & Spa. Don't ask me why. I don't know. It just looked really good in their photos so win for them I guess.

Lesson to learn to all existing and future hotel owners, photos in the internet plays a very big role in generating sales by making people fall in love with your place just by looking at the photos. That and good reviews of course. So, be sure to spend money to hire really good photographers and for sure your sales sure shoot up. Heh.

Here's a photo of Bali, and we decided to stay at Seminyak.

I didn't want our honeymoon to only be at Bali, so we stayed at Seminyak for 4 nights (initial plan) and 3 nights later at Gili Trawangan, Lombok.

Of course if you remembered I posted a photo with a caption that says something like we forgo a night at The Light Exclusive Villas & Spa (already paid for) and drove up north to Lovina Beach, which I will talk about on another separate post.

So, basically we spent 3 nights at this villa which we thought was obviously too big for us. Heh. With the price, I feel it's pretty reasonable. Got private pool, kitchen, 2 TVs and a very big bathroom.

The Light Exclusive Villas & Spa
Jalan Pangkung Sari 11, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Check-in on 26 September and check-out on 30 September 2016.
RM501.75 per night, so total damage is RM2007 :)

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Okay, now back to this please.

Ready your eyes for the photos.


I put in a special note that says we're on a honeymoon and of course like any other hotels in the world, they will try to do something to make it special. With that, I mean the whole-fold-towel-to-look-like-swans-on-the-bed thing. Hah. With wet roses on our bed.

You can only imagine that our bed were stained because of the roses, quite geli please, but thank you for your kind gesture. It was sweet, although it would be better with a complimentary box of chocolate. Heh.

The bed was soft and huge, the pillows were fluffy oh my goodness they were amazing, the bathtub is pretty huge so can fit both of us (heh), the pool is huge and clean, the kitchen is basic with appliances and a fridge and although it's very close to the other villas (a wall away), it feels pretty home-y when you're in the villa. 

So, pretty good hotel I would say. 

The food is not too bad.

When I book the rooms on Agoda, the price was not inclusive of breakfast and we thought that was fine because we really wanted to have what the locals have for breakfast anyways.

But when we checked in, the receptionist told us to have breakfast so we thought maybe they decided to give us for free. We had breakfast the first day and then they told us that they have made a mistake and no more free breakfast for the following days. Hah.

If there is one thing that I do not really like, is the fact they are quite far away from the beach, and Koay was looking forward to stay at villas where its sort of sea/beach-facing, but most of these kind of villas are pretty expensive.

That or they are most likely just motels that faces the sea. Serious.

So, since we're he's quite firm on the budget, we settled for the villa that's quite a distance from the beach.

If we were to visit Bali again with friends, I may recommend this place to them because they have like 2-bedrooms villa with private pool as well.

Something about private pool that makes it so different, like my bachelorette trip with the maids.

Also, you can read more on our honeymoon thing here onwards :)

Till next time.

Bye now.