24 October 2016

Koay's Love Language #20 and #21.

We came home early on Saturday night after the Octoberfest-date and were organizing the room/house a little bit.

He: *carries our laundry basket into the room and starts hanging our clothes*
Me: What are you doing? These ones all washed d?
He: *gave me that proud look* Of course la. I washed, hanged to dry, took them down, and now keeping them in the cupboard.
Me: *super-shocked* HARR! When did you do all that? I was planning to come home to put it into the machine d.
He: When you were in office this afternoon. I didn't sleep immediately *giving his accomplished-face again*
Me: Aww baby.. *in my mind - married the right man*:)

Well, you know what people say about guys-who-voluntarily-do-house-chores get from their wife *winks* HAHAHA.

This morning, after we're done with our morning routines and ready for work.

He: *checks his wardrobe, probably realizing that some of his favorite working clothes are not inside* Babe! Tonight you do ironing okay?
Me: Okayy sure can no problem.
He: *looked at me with brows raised* Well, that was fast.

He loves doing the dishes, washing, and hanging the clothes to dry but the one thing that he will never do (hates so much) is ironing. On the contrary, I hate the ones that he loves and loves to iron! Give me a whole basket and I will iron with the biggest smile on my face. It's very therapeutic okay.

I guess this way our 'chores-schedule' is set. Hah.

Wife-duty starting so soon.

Till next time, bye now.