11 April 2018

Crispy Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies.

Let me tell how this all started.

It was all thanks to a beautiful makeup artist known as suyenpang on Instagram. Yes, you may know her as the wife of dmingthing.

I watched her Instastory on the baking of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and I was hooked, immediately!

I needed to have myself some oatmeal raisin cookies that instant okay! It was torturing because it's so hard to find good ones outside and even though I had one from Subway, it was just way too sweet!

So, being as desperate as I am, I DM-ed her and asked for the recipe.

I changed the raisins to cranberries and added some chocolate chips to create some different texture - I sound pro d right. Hah.

So here goes.

I am usually really bad at baking and would always give up after I keep trying. Heh. But this time, thanks to Alex, I needed to persevere and made sure that the cookies turn out edible - if not super yummy.

And obviously, the recipe is so simple and easy if I can screw that up, I just really need to close baking chapter in my life.

I felt that since my mom is the world's best baker, she would be the hardest to please. So, baking session was at her place and the moment she took the first bite on those freshly baked oatmeal cranberry chocolate cookies, she smiled and nodded.


Win liao.

It was so good that the next day, both of us baked again for double the portions. I just need to let people taste these cookies and for them to believe in me again. Heh.

Serious guyss. If I can make these cookies a success, anyone can! Maybe not Adrian Koay. Heh.

Nah, recipe for you all to enjoy!

Also, to note that we mix in less sugar (for both white and brown) because I have gestational diabetes for this pregnancy so less sweet but the cranberries and chocolate chips really made up for it.

And, because we could not get any nutmeg powder, we didn't mix it in and already, it tasted so good. I think cinnamon is the secret key to be honest - so aromatic I cannot.

Do enjoy!

Till then, bye now.