20 April 2018

Pregnancy Update: Week 32.

I thought being in the final trimester would mean things will get a lot "nicer" before the real pain kicks in.

Wrong. So wrong. 

Everything seems to be amplified if I may say that. Anyways, hello bulan ke-lapan! We are soooo near to the due date it's so scary please. 

Let's see how things are right now in point forms because ain't nobody got time for lengthy post. Heh. 

  • My belly suddenly grew so big so fast even my brain (or my bed) could not catch up.
  • Double chin, check. 
  • Curry craving is still here. So are the cravings for dessert-things like chocolate, ice-cream and cakes and doughnuts. 
  • I got diagnosed by the Klinik Kesihatan and Dr. Soon with diabetes in pregnancy. Believes it's called Gestational Diabetes. Hence, no desserts for me. 
  • The hot flashes is happening so often now, even in air-conditioned restaurants and this changes my mood so fast, sadly. Sorry Adrian Koay - it's the hormones. Hah. 
  • My belly itches more extreme now and I gave into scratching them because it's very torturing not to. 
  • Stretch marks seen on the lower part of my belly. Not a lot but it seems like they do have the potential to grow more. Applying more coconut oil for sure - still learning to like them. 
  • Need to get a hair cut just because. 
  • I have been 'forcing' myself to drink at least 2 litres of water daily - sometimes it's easy to do that because I sweat so much even in cool places. I don't like these hot flashes. 
  • I really do need to taste some chocolate because the craving is so bad I want to cry. 
  • My feet are not swollen (yet). 
  • Apparently, my nose will kembang also, but so far it still looks pretty okay to me. 
  • No more kembang anywhere please. 
  • Alex moves very differently now inside - a tiny bit more painful an uneasy especially when he goes really near to the bladder. 
  • I cannot sleep on my back anymore for more than 5 minutes, without having to breathe harder. 
  • I enjoy swimming (a lot) now because I could not really feel its weight under water, and swimming does relaxes me a lot more for a good night sleep. 
  • We finished our prenatal classes at Adventist Hospital and boy, it was fun. So many free gifts okay so syiok to receive all of them.
  • We are really considering to pay for the stem cells thing but we're still not sure. 
  • I'm starting to be obsessed with tiny socks that I got 6 pairs at the recent baby fair. SO CUTE I CANNOT BRAIN IT. 
  • By the time the clock hits 2pm, my energy tank has less than 30% power. 

Till next time, bye now.