27 December 2012

Moments in AYC 2012.

I was reminded of the reason why I'm still serving in fireBRANDS. Reminded of the passion that burns in me for each one of the youth. Reminded how seeing them re-dedicating their lives to Jesus gives me such joy. Reminded of how Jesus has blessed me through all the circumstances in my life that I now can share with them. Reminded that this battle was not fought alone by me, from the beginning of time. Reminded that as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Reminded that it's not all about physical-award-victory, but of making sure our peers are encouraged. Reminded that it is very important to live life through God's view. God reminded me a lot of things in those five days. I will see an increase in every aspect of this life God has given. The only focus/target/goal/resolution for the new year. INcrease. 

Memories made, irreplaceable.
God is, indescribable.