30 March 2013


Sometimes, it's really difficult not to be racist or not to say something that immediately reflects how each one of us are racist in one sense or another. I mean, it's usually them that would do all this. Desperate enough to ruin someone else's day. In tonight's case, there were probably 6 people that were affected. AT LEAST 6.

What happened was a man (believed to be an Indian as Victor chased him till he jumped into a river to escape) came into the church car park using the back door and started smashing on the driver's side window. He started with one and continued attacking others until two man saw him and chased him down the street. There was nothing much for him to steal as most cars that he broke into were empty. He tried attacking a few other cars but didn't manage to because their windows are tougher and protected with tints, I think.

We all had no idea that this was happening until youth service ended. Crazy hah?

Well, whatever it is, we are still celebrating because tomorrow is Easter's Day! 
The day Jesus rose again.