21 September 2012

Sweet Surprises.

It's exciting that weekends are here. No idea why this week felt like there was more stress than any other weeks ever since I started.

Also, silly has been coming with quite many of surprises and it's really sweet, I must say. He's never really the romantic type of person, I think. And somehow when he does something totally unexpected, it melts me.

Like how he bought breakfast from McDonalds after spending the wee hours there with his bff and have it delivered to my doorstep in person. Honestly, I was very blur still when he came.

*rhythm of love's ringtone playing*
Me: Hello.. *in a very very sleepy voice*
Him: Morning babe! *sounding really hyper*
Me: Going home now? *both eyes still close*
Him: Yes babe.. I'm outside your house! Open the door!

(at this point, I didn't believe he was outside my house)
You see, I did this prank many times on him. Sometimes, I really was outside his house, but many other times (most of the time, actually) I just called and told him I'm outside, and he would rush to the door and find no one there. Haha. Once, I even texted his sister to find out what he was wearing so that I could make it seems so real that I was hiding in the garden. It was hilarious! He obviously bought it. Poor boy. So anyways, I wasn't gonna fall for his 'prank' this time.

Me: Huh?
Him: Fasterlaa! *sounding very impatient*
Me: Seriously laaa!
Him: Yess!
Me: *hung up the phone and walked to the door*

And there he was standing with the breakfast. At first, I though he was gonna come in and watch me eat. HAHA. But he just passed it to me and gave a morning peck and off he went home with Jack. Shooooo shweeeeet! Later in the day, he asked how was it and I told him my dad/mom drank the coffee because I don't like coffee *moment of silence in the phone* Then I suddenly just burst out laughing and said "You forgot that I don't drink coffeeeeee!!" But I wasn't anywhere near sad or angry cos he forgets sometimes. Haha. Koay ah Koay.. :)

Do you know he used to make sandwiches for me when we have morning class? As in he would wake up earlier to prepare them. *melts*

And then once, I was craving for bang chang koay for a few days d but never really get to buy them. So one time, I was sitting in the college canteen with Mikael after a morning class (he was at home cos his class was later in the noon), and then as I was talking to Mikael, he walked towards us and place a white plastic bag on the table and said "It's for you." I opened up and saw two pieces of bang chang koay in it! This boy knows how to make my day. JUST BUY FOOD! HAHAHA.

And then another time was when we had a huge argument and I was home. We argued d ma so we didn't want to go out anymore. Angry at each other d whatt! So, I just stayed home and watched TV. The next thing I know, I heard my mom talking to a man in the kitchen. And then my mom walked to the living room and passed me a plastic bag (yes, bang chang koay again) and told me that Adrian give eh. Suddenly, the heated argument doesn't seem so big anymoreee! :)

And how he would call me 5 minutes before my alarm goes off. So that I won't hit snooze and sleep through my working hours! :)


I am definitely blessed.

19 September 2012

I Look To You.

So, I was listening to the radio (lite.fm) in the car last night and this song was playing.

I Look To You by Whitney Houston (I suddenly realized this is by far, best song ever!)
Good job, Whitney!

And at that moment when I was listening to that, I immediately thought of my grandpa. Stuggled to keep those tears in but I managed to.

It has been 422 days since he has gone back to Heaven. And it still feels like it was just yesterday that he left.

This is actually my first time of having such pain and sadness within me even after a year. My first time of knowing what it really feels like to lose someone this close to my heart. And it sucks big time.

When i was a kid, life was simple and easy. Because he was there. I remembered how every morning after his shower, he would walked over to his small mirror that can be opened up that was hanging on the wall, and then he would apply the shaving cream and then shave. He let me do it for him once. I remembered how he would secretly buy back chocolates for me without my grandma knowing and how we would giggle quietly about it. Memories like this, thank god they stay forever.

Then, it was time for him to see the Big Man, after seven years of battling cancer.

When I was counting on how many tickets would I need for my convocation, I teared up. He's that one person that I want to see when I'm on that stage. The one person that I know for sure would be super proud of me. That one person that matters so much. But no, no chance of that. He's not going to be there but I know he is proud of me.

The cemetery where he is at became the place I find my peace of mind and strength. I find joy and it makes 'missing him' not that bad anymore.

"I look to you
I look to you
After all my strength is gone
In you I can be strong"

We all miss you dearly, Mr.Kang! :)

13 September 2012

Poison of Two.

The worst thing that could happen to two food bloggers (jokes on us, hah)


The funny thing was it's NOT our first time getting this at the same time because of the same food that we ate. 
What's more funny is that it's also NOT the first time that we got it from the same food brand.

First time:
We were just probably 20 minutes before a movie and we decided to get something to eat in the cinema. I was craving for sushi so we decided to get sushi. And we opted for Jusco's sushi in Queensbay since it's cheaper and we were kinda rushing too. We got the one with many different choices. And the next thing we know, we were super sick the next day, with all that vomiting and diarrhoea going on. 

Second time: 
Same thing. Before a movie, I wanted something light to eat. i didn't want sushi obviously cos we knew they don't sell fresh sushi. So, i went and buy some fried potato strips thingy! Jusco's one! And it tasted horribleee! And then, we got this. THIS HORRIBLE FEELING OF YOUR BODY BEING SO WEAK! And we both got so many medicines because of Jusco! Pffft! 

Definitely no more Jusco's light food for me, anymore. Shuckssss.



Got 2 days MC because of it. Good also la since I really needed a good long rest. And now, it's back to work. 

11 September 2012

Wondrous Weekends.

What a great weekend it has been.

Note: very long post ahead..

I have never felt so happy when the day was Friday! Felt super excited to enter the weekend mode. Not entirely 100% because I had to work the next day in the morning at G Hotel for Penang Expo 2012 (Something like 'Welcome-To-Malaysia's kinda promo to foreigners). The good thing was it's until 2pm nia. I actually had quite a fun time there la. Talking to strangers and telling them about tours and why they should visit Vietnam (we were promoting on Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam)!

There were around 50 different exhibitors at the Grand ballroom. All kinds of products, from property to ice creams and wholemeal bread.

And then, he took me home to change and off we went to John's place to swim. I was pretty tired so I decided to tag along but not gonna swim. just gonna lie and enjoy the sun. And the thing was I didn't even know we were gonna go swimming. The initial plan was just rest at home with family. Hah.

U Garden. The swimming pool is quite huge and clean. Love the waterfall.

If I knew got slide, I sure jump in d! The boys definitely had fun with the slides. 

My partner in crime cos she also lazy to swim. Heh.

Mr-I'm-So-Good-In-Water. He swims like he belongs in the water, seriously. Definitely a waterboy! :)

One must also have food while chillaxing and looking at a bunch of topless dudes making fun of themselves.

Was just trying to take 'artistic' photo. Success, I would say :)

I didn't regret not swimming that day. If not, sure late to youth service d! Heh. And that was Saturday.

Sunday sudah tiba! We all had like only few hours of sleep on Saturday night. The reason is cos we need to meet at Sam's house by 7am! That doesn't really bother me cos I'm not the one driving, so I get to sleep in the car, like a boss! :) We had our plans sorted out. So many places and things we want to do but of course since it's just a 'Sunday's Trip,' we weren't able to (like my Gua Tempurung!).

Just as the sun rises at Penang's Awesome Bridge.

Ipoh mali, Ipoh Ipoh mali!

First stop: Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant!
Apparently, the shop few doors away serves better dimsum. I think it's called Fook Moon Dim Sum (it's either opposite of Foh San or next doors only. Not so sure eh.)

We ate at Foh San because I have earlier called them and booked 65 pieces of pau. Yes, to bring back all the way back to the island and have a 'Pau-Party'! (they give such nice box for takeaways..)

40 pieces of charcoal pau with 'orr ni' (yam paste thingy) inside, and 25 pieces of 'jing sa' pau (salted egg on the inside)

my personal driver and kuli! :)
p.s he's wearing mom's shades..

After dim sum, we dropped by at the famous tau foo fah, which will be reviewed by us here, soon.

The boys had earlier 'secretly' planned to wear red. What's happening to the male these days huh? Thought usually this kind of things, girls will do eh. Hmmm.. Oh, and I think it was my boyfriend that suggested it.. Oops! :)

We spotted a man wearing cheongsam-chun-li-like-minidress. And he got excited! *raises eyebrow*

Us, enjoying our tau foo fah and tau chui on a hot sunny afternoon.

Then, someone suggested visiting Kellie's Castle and everyone immediately said yes! Since none of us went before. Perfect weather sumore to visit an abondoned castle.

So, remember earlier we went to Foh San for brekkie? Then tau foo fah? It was right after both of that that we came here straight. And spot where Mr.-I-Eat-Everywhere-I-Go is? HAHAHA. Eat AGAIN!

People who made this trip happen. The color coordination gives the feeling of New Year Chinese Style! :)

One being vain, another one eat non-stop. No wonder best friends forever! :))

People who are crazy and scared of getting sunburned.

Only girls are excused and permitted to use umbrella under hot sun, no? Jack is an exception. Honestly, at that time I was really enjoying the walk under the sun.

Pokok Beruang! For us, it looked more like a pig laa.

Door is beautiful. Shot is more beautiful, yes? :)

Kellie's Castle.
This castle was an unfinished piece of art with lots of secret tunnels and dungeons.

One of the secret passageway from the master bedroom to the outside of the castle, in case of attack.

Lots of playing around and taking pictures. Jack was so crazy to even dare to stand on the outside of the extended balcony! Mad boy!

We were on top of the castle, literally. On top as in the toppest of the top! Even higher than the Jalur Gemilang! It was soooo scary. If got strong wind, we sure mati! We didn't break the rules or that kind of thing. The steps to the top was not closed/blocked.

The only picture I took when I was up there. Just flat ground with no walls or railings or whatsoever. My legs turned jelly!

After all that  under the sun, it's time for some coffee time. Not just any coffee, it's Ipoh White Coffee timeee! And we had a quick lunch too at Nam Heong kopitiam.

Then, it's back to sleeping in the car again. Not for long because our next stop is Taiping Zoo! Wheee!
He's pretty good with animals. I wonder why he never want me to keep a puppy next time. Grr.

Them = drama queens. and posers :)

They were almost fighting. And we thought the RM12 would be so worth it1 Heh. False alarm. We did hear two lions roar at each other. One while lying down and the other locked up in a cage.

Zoo tour finished. What's next? KK and Sam left for Penang d but the four of us still want to hang around and remained tourists. And the boys wanna get jerseys so the best place to go is Nibong Tebal. Can makan crab porridge sumoree. Oh the yums!

He's a big fan of roadside stalls. Means he would stop for a drink/food (doesn't matter he's hungry or not) And he got this packet of drink called Lira Nipah at RM4.00! And it tasted like drain water. Okay, I've never tasted drain water before but it definitely smelled like one! Grossss!

New Manchester United's jersey.

the table top jersey. That's John's hand touching my boy! Err.. gay much?

In the end, table top is the winner! :)

Hungry girl is angry girl. They took so long to buy okay! Jack la! Bought so many things! I would also la if I brought more money and if I wasn't that hungry!

the heavenly crabby moy, baby octopus, minced meat with eggy and Japanese toufu (which I forgot to take a picture of)!

Not too expensive heh.

Then, balik kampung! Actually, not really also. We went home to play jirame. Muahaha. Awesome peeps we are.
Overall, it was a tiring trip. BUT a very satisfying one as well. Not to mention how bonded we are by now. *smiles wide*

I can't wait for my next getaway already! :)

07 September 2012

Sunny Sunday.

Of waking up before the sunrise, squeezing into one car, relying on Waze, put on the shades, be ourselves, make lame jokes, tease each other, eat good famous food, be a tourist, snap loads of pictures, try new things and tighten the bond.

One day is all we need.

Please be a sunshiney, cloudy and bright day! :)

06 September 2012

convo to the cation.

Good morning fellas.

Some of you might be wondering how come I can update blog like almost everyday eh.. Well, I don't really have much to do for now and I can't go in Facebook, so I blog when I have nothing to do. It's pretty fun actually. It makes me think and then realize of the small things/incidents that actually matters.

I just received the convocation letter from KDU two nights ago, and boy, I was happy. No idea why also. Just really happy and excited to attend this. Finally, after years of waking up early in the morning the day before exams and countless study groups we had, it's time to walk up the stage proud and receive that cert. and then said to myself in the back of my head, "I did it!" or to say it in Facebook. haha.

I wonder if we are gonna throw our mortarboards in the air after the whole formal ceremony, just like in High School Musical. Heh. Or probably take some jumping shots. Oh gosh. That'll be fun :)

For someone who has got only 3A's in SPM and zero A in STPM, this degree is mindblowing. God is mindblowing. I am mindblowed.


04 September 2012

Six Weeks Old.





My grandparents are gonna be great grandparents, my parents become grandparents, newlyweds become parents, Vanessa and I become aunties.. Okay, wait! I will still remain as 'Salaku'! No way I'm gonna let the kid calls me 'Ee Ee'! Nah ah!

OH GOODNESS! One of the happiest day this year! Wheeeee!

*calms self down*

Both of them have always planned to start a family later on and not so soon since they just got married last year in November. But guess what happened? I remember praying for this because I wanted the family to expand so badly and also to have someone that I can play with and bully! kekeke.

Aiyo, when she sends me the picture of the little one in that ultrasound scan, I almost teared up, in the office! I am literally speechless.

Right at this moment, this news just made all the bad news disappear. And I'm going to enjoy this blessed moment to the fullest.

Dear precious little one,

I can't wait to see you in 7 months' time, and yes, I think I'm gonna cry along with your hot mommy and your beautiful grandmas when you come out from that oven! *wipes tears* I will try to be in that room and be one of the first to see you when you are to be popped out! Salaku is gonna start buying cute unique things until you arrive. You are gonna be the kid with the most awesome aunty (okay, maybe two most awesome aunties!) whom loves you super duper muchly!

Biggest congratulations to Kah Wei and Rachel Khoo!! :)

Till then folks. I am gonna enjoy the rest of my day, thinking on the little one.