21 September 2012

Sweet Surprises.

It's exciting that weekends are here. No idea why this week felt like there was more stress than any other weeks ever since I started.

Also, silly has been coming with quite many of surprises and it's really sweet, I must say. He's never really the romantic type of person, I think. And somehow when he does something totally unexpected, it melts me.

Like how he bought breakfast from McDonalds after spending the wee hours there with his bff and have it delivered to my doorstep in person. Honestly, I was very blur still when he came.

*rhythm of love's ringtone playing*
Me: Hello.. *in a very very sleepy voice*
Him: Morning babe! *sounding really hyper*
Me: Going home now? *both eyes still close*
Him: Yes babe.. I'm outside your house! Open the door!

(at this point, I didn't believe he was outside my house)
You see, I did this prank many times on him. Sometimes, I really was outside his house, but many other times (most of the time, actually) I just called and told him I'm outside, and he would rush to the door and find no one there. Haha. Once, I even texted his sister to find out what he was wearing so that I could make it seems so real that I was hiding in the garden. It was hilarious! He obviously bought it. Poor boy. So anyways, I wasn't gonna fall for his 'prank' this time.

Me: Huh?
Him: Fasterlaa! *sounding very impatient*
Me: Seriously laaa!
Him: Yess!
Me: *hung up the phone and walked to the door*

And there he was standing with the breakfast. At first, I though he was gonna come in and watch me eat. HAHA. But he just passed it to me and gave a morning peck and off he went home with Jack. Shooooo shweeeeet! Later in the day, he asked how was it and I told him my dad/mom drank the coffee because I don't like coffee *moment of silence in the phone* Then I suddenly just burst out laughing and said "You forgot that I don't drink coffeeeeee!!" But I wasn't anywhere near sad or angry cos he forgets sometimes. Haha. Koay ah Koay.. :)

Do you know he used to make sandwiches for me when we have morning class? As in he would wake up earlier to prepare them. *melts*

And then once, I was craving for bang chang koay for a few days d but never really get to buy them. So one time, I was sitting in the college canteen with Mikael after a morning class (he was at home cos his class was later in the noon), and then as I was talking to Mikael, he walked towards us and place a white plastic bag on the table and said "It's for you." I opened up and saw two pieces of bang chang koay in it! This boy knows how to make my day. JUST BUY FOOD! HAHAHA.

And then another time was when we had a huge argument and I was home. We argued d ma so we didn't want to go out anymore. Angry at each other d whatt! So, I just stayed home and watched TV. The next thing I know, I heard my mom talking to a man in the kitchen. And then my mom walked to the living room and passed me a plastic bag (yes, bang chang koay again) and told me that Adrian give eh. Suddenly, the heated argument doesn't seem so big anymoreee! :)

And how he would call me 5 minutes before my alarm goes off. So that I won't hit snooze and sleep through my working hours! :)


I am definitely blessed.