06 September 2012

convo to the cation.

Good morning fellas.

Some of you might be wondering how come I can update blog like almost everyday eh.. Well, I don't really have much to do for now and I can't go in Facebook, so I blog when I have nothing to do. It's pretty fun actually. It makes me think and then realize of the small things/incidents that actually matters.

I just received the convocation letter from KDU two nights ago, and boy, I was happy. No idea why also. Just really happy and excited to attend this. Finally, after years of waking up early in the morning the day before exams and countless study groups we had, it's time to walk up the stage proud and receive that cert. and then said to myself in the back of my head, "I did it!" or to say it in Facebook. haha.

I wonder if we are gonna throw our mortarboards in the air after the whole formal ceremony, just like in High School Musical. Heh. Or probably take some jumping shots. Oh gosh. That'll be fun :)

For someone who has got only 3A's in SPM and zero A in STPM, this degree is mindblowing. God is mindblowing. I am mindblowed.