26 March 2015

Pashmina Scarf.

To be honest, I was struggling for quite a bit on what should I update today. 

I wanted to talk about the most recent airplane crash but it's too sad. I cannot. So, I decided to just read on the news.

So, after thinking on what to write for so long, I finally came out with one thing.

Actually, I didn't come out with anything. Heh.

My brain is still as blocked as two days ago. 

I realized somehow these days, I tend to want to be in my loose t-shirts and over-sized shorts with my hair all tied up and stay home. No contact lens, no eyeliner and no spending money elsewhere.

Speaking of money, we went to Gurney last night and the lover shopped like a royalty. Okay, maybe not like a royalty since royalties won't feel the pain after spending so much money in less than 3 hours. Hah. 

I think he deserved the shopping moment that he had last night since he has been keeping his money so tightly (heh!). Nolah, what I meant is he has been saving like a good man and it's time to let loose a little. Yes, babe? Hah.

If it wasn't for the painful legs and needing to get burger for mom, he would still be going everywhere to find some of the other items that is still unchecked. 

I'm proud to say that I didn't spend a single cent last night. 

Err.. Kit Kat counted ah? RM2.90 it is then.

No idea what to talk about what already. Head is starting to ache. Bleh.

I shall end this update with a photo. The scarf is made in Cambodia. 100% Pashmina - the finest type of Cashmere wool. And yes, it's very comfortable. Thanks Jayne! :)

23 March 2015

That Three Things.

This time last year, I sat down and listed some of the things that I wanted to do this year. Things like:

Climbing the Mount Kota Kinabalu.


Getting the scuba diving license at Pulau Perhentian.


Visiting the Singapore Zoo.

The three top things I want to do since last year and I still have got no chance to plan for it. 

Actually, I did some planning on the Mount KK climb but finding someone to go with is just so difficult. Only both of us cannot okay. This is difficult.

Also, the first two costs quite a lot and requires many days of annual leave. Oh wells.

I actually forgot about the Singapore Zoo's trip. Heh.

Okay, still got so many months. I shall make this work. 

Singapore, you shall be visited.

16 March 2015

Next One.

One month to sun, sand and sea with them humans!

I cannot wait already seriously. That's all that's in my mind right now. All day err day.

Still waiting for the confirmation slip from the resort. I have no idea what's taking them so long. We only need 4 rooms. 

Happening so soon. 

Time to really get in shape! 

10 March 2015

C H A N G E.

The most constant thing in the whole universe.

H A I R S T Y L E.
I have no problem keeping it long and have it cut short the very next hour when the cut-hair-mojo is here. No idea why I never feel like coloring them.

T A S T E B U D.
There was one time where I went crazy over Cheerios and bought 4 boxes back home. Another time was beh teh saw. The most recent one has got to be lemon water. This one more like a comeback.

B A G S.
I only need one handbag actually. One that will last long because I really don't like to go for bag-shopping. HATE THEM. So, when I actually like something, I usually will get them because I really don't fall for bags easily. Like this one, which I'm saving money for. 

W O R K.
My office table is completely different than a year ago. One thing that I love about this job is that everyday is a different day. I deal with different kind of people on a daily basis and every company that I go to is different so that's a very big bonus point for me.

S L E E P.
I have decided to switch room with Vanessa just because. I don’t think I have a specific reason on why I decided to do so. I guess it all started when I started sleeping in her room very often whenever Kelly sleeps over. Well, it’s not like I hate sleeping with Kelly but because she kicks and moves a lot in her sleep, I tend to get no sleep at all the next day. Change of room makes me feel new and I love that feel.

D E C O R A T I O N.

The need/want to change the wall color and the entire set-up of the room is bugging me so badly but I also know that it’s going to take up so much money, time and effort. The three things that is pretty precious this year. Dilemma.

i P H O N E 5 S.
I change my wallpaper more often that anyone I know I think. I even will re-organize the apps as to how I feel or saja. Now, it's all color coordinated and all in the same page.

F R I E N D S.
This is no shocker. People come and people go. It sucks big time when people leave though. This year itself, I've had my fair share of people leaving, be it the island, the country or the workplace. It just sucks.

C L O T H I N G.
It has always been whatever that's simple and not flowery or lace-y or complicated. However, I discovered that now I'm okay with all of the above. I am now more daring in wearing things that I once will never even try it on. 

S H O E S.
It has always been flats and it always will, until recently when heels and open sandals happened. This is one of my shopping poison. Once, I bought 4 pairs in a shopping go in less than 2 hours I reckoned. Hmm.

L O V E.
This one please don't change already. I went through a break-up once and that experience is something that I do not ever want to go through again. So, lover of mine, you're staying mine forever already. Heh. 

H E A L T H.
This is quite unpredictable, isn't it? It feels like there's nothing I can do much to do anything about it but actually no. Things I eat, drink and do affects my body obviously so yeah. I think I'm doing fairly well compared to the last 3 years. The three lumps in my lungs are gone according to the x-ray months ago. My scar is surprisingly fading off slowly. All's good :)

M O N E Y.
If it keeps going up, it's good change. As long as the commitment stays at the same level then it's perfectt! God has been good to me in terms of this. I have got promoted two times over the span of my two and half years here :)

W O R L D.
I have been to more places that I've expected since I started and it looks like it's on a roll. I am always planning for a vacation, short or long. It's always behind in my head. If I can earn money by travelling, I would but then again I might not since I won't be able to see my family so much. If not, I would have applied for airlines cabin crew and fly all over. Heh.

If you know me well enough, you would know that I’m someone who loves changing things up every once in a while, but some changes I rather not have to go through them if given a choice. Oh well. Life as it is :)

09 March 2015

Coach // Prairie Satchel in Pebble Leather

I would never consider myself as those who will allocate certain amount of money to get things like handbags, heels and hairdos. 


Until this year. 

No idea what has gotten into me but I have been spending money on flats and looking for handbags that can last me a long time. 

We were window shopping last night when I decided to walk into Coach. Regretted after that. So, there's this bag that I saw and I tried it on and love it instantly. 

I've been searching high and low for a red bag that I can hand carry and also as a sling bag when I want to and obviously I still haven't found any. So sad.

Then, Coach happened.

They have like so many colors right, but I especially love the red one. For the sake of memory and since it's my current obsession, I shall blog about it.

 I even had a dream last night about the bag. I can't remember the beginning of the dream but one thing very clear was I was opening a cupboard and there it was. This Prairie Satchel in Pebble Leather // Style Number: 34340 in all the colors available.

Then I woke up. 


I just called the Coach store in Johor Premium Outlet and they say they don't have this model there! THIS IS JUST SO SAD!

The price here is RM1,420.

I know right. Who in the right mind will spend a thousand ringgit on a bag that is quite small? I won't. I rather spend that one thousand on travelling.


Anyone going to the United States? It's about RM1,000 if I get it from the States I think.. I don't know lah. 

This is just so torturing. 

Ladies, never walk into a store that you might regret coming out from it later on. NEVER.

04 March 2015

The Abandoned Pulau Tikus.

This is a long overdue post.

Twenty nine days ago. Can you figure out when?

It was a spontaneous thing. We wanted to do something but couldn't agree on one thing until someone suggested kayaking! 

We went to the Penang Water Sports Centre at Tanjung Bungah but it was closed. Should open on Public Holiday right? Maybe no one wants to work on Thaipusam day. So, we googled and made some calls to find out that there is another place that might have kayaks for rental.

It's called The Lost Paradise Resort, not very far from Penang Water Sports Centre. We parked our cars and met with the owner of the resort. He told us that the kayaks are for in-house guests only. To cut the story short, he was okay to rent us the kayaks but we didn't take it because we were short of one kayak. 

No man shall be left behind so we decided as a group that we would go to another place. This time, our source told us that the Sports Corner behind Flamingo Hotel does not only rent out banana boats, para-sailing and other motor sports stuff. We thought it would be super pricey but decided to give it a try nonetheless.

We went there and bargained with the uncle and finally he gave us a go at RM15 per person for one hour. Can extend another half an hour too! Good deal right?

I thought that it was pretty cheap, given that he was so lenient with the duration that was given to us and also  their kayaks so new and bright in colors. Win.

We paired up quickly and agreed to kayak all the way to the island. That famous island, also known as Pulau Tikus. The story was that the island used to be infested with rats, hence the name. 

This abandoned island doesn't seem to be so far away, right? Wrong! It's so far okay. We kayak so long d still cannot reach. So torturing. Heh. Quite scary if I can say. I don't have a phobia of being out at the sea but I am quite afraid when it's only us and no one else is around. It feels like sharks can just jump out and eat us. 

I blame all those shark movies. People say there won't be any sharks here, too shallow lah, too dirty lah but still! You never know what's underneath! Never know! It's a territory that is so unpredictable and mysterious. 

We got there and found the uncle who rented us the kayaks, already there. So unfit all of us. He was walking towards the rocks with a hammer and a screwdriver in his hands.

"Anyone eats fresh oyster?"

We looked at each other and hesitated a "Yes..?"

I was quite reluctant to try it because no Tabasco sauce and no lemon okay. This is like super fresh from the sea kind. What if I hate it and forever scared of eating fresh oysters? Turns out, it was yummy and really fresh. Taste of the sea. Hmm..

It takes quite a while to persuade these two to try it out. What is this man. I thought you guys are adventurous? Heh. They were so scared that they didn't want to chew it. Just wanted to swallow it. What's the point right? Hah. 

The uncle took us on some mini-exploration-trip on the island. There is a graveyard on top of the island. Probably just a few big rocks above in a sheltered house. A grave of a Muslim man who is believed to have found the island or something. Quite eerie actually because there is like a cloth on top of the cemented grave but at first glance, it looks like a coffin. So yeah.

We walked around and just kinda chilled while the uncle goes hunting for more oysters for himself. Heh.

We (only Andrew, Joshua and I actually) soaked in the water because the rest scared of jellyfish, others took photos of sunset and Gary blocking the sunset and just don't know do what else. Hah.

It was time to kayak back to our favorite island and I initially thought that it was going to a tough one because my arms were already starting to sore and also feeling a bit lazy after the water-soaking session. 

He did most of the kayaking because he insisted that I just sit back and enjoy the rest of the sunset. Best. 

My favorite photo of that day below. My sister, Vanessa takes the best photos of both of us. She just knows when to get that camera rolling. Heh. For sure worth investing a good camera-of-her-dreams for her but now, no money so cannot yet. 

01 March 2015

First Day of Third Month.

It's really March already?

My favorite month is gone? So fast?

It's okay. I had fun in the 28 days that I had. 

That also means that Chinese New Year is going to be officially over in five days time, right? 

No more collecting angpow. No more CNY cookies. No more going to people's house. No more. 

I was supposed to be patient and will till the last day to open all the angpows but I kinda opened it already? And counted it also d?

No idea why this year don't feel like waiting till the end only do it. 

Last year I managed to collect about RM900+.

This year only RM700+. 


Somehow, this year's CNY felt a bit more toned down. Like there wasn't anything major that we do this year as to compared to last year's and the year before. Even for my family, it was a bit more relaxed and boring if I may say on certain days of the new year.

I didn't even get any new clothes for myself. My first and second day's dresses are from my mom's. I was okay to be just wearing some dress from my closet but mom insisted that I wear something new. 

Hence, the first day's dress which I thought at first was just a type of dress that I will never buy. The color and pattern. Yes, I don't really have good fashion sense. Sometimes, not at all. Just wear whatever that's comfortable. Heh.

Anyways, I guess I'm gonna take a quick nap while waiting for Muthu to come home from KL. 

Sunday = compulsory afternoon nap.