28 October 2020

2D1N Kuala Kurau, Perak.

Remember the "solo trip" I had with Contiki back in May 2019 where I was away from my husband and Alex for nine days? 

It was my first time in Europe and I was pregnant and being away from my family sucks big time, even though I did enjoy myself there. 

But since then, I told myself that I will never go on holiday with my baby because it was the hardest thing in the world! Being away from Alex that whole nine days was pure torture and really, I was emotionally so down. 

So, ever since then we always try to plan for holidays and "try" to exclude the kids but we will never do it because I know I sure super sad wan. 

Then when Shanice invited us to go on this trip, I said yes almost immediately because we have never been to Kuala Kurau and since we can only cuti-cuti Malaysia, why not la right. 

When we were working out the details like how to fit the car seat into the company's van and whatnot, we realized that it is quite troublesome to bring my two kids since it is only a one-night kind of getaway. I mean - like we have to bring a lot of things so the idea of not bringing them was brought up. 

After much discussion with Adrian and my parents, we decided that they will spend a night at the grandparents' while Adrian and I go enjoy our two-days-one-night getaway to Kuala Kurau. 

We did miss them immediately when we checked-into the homestay. We said, "Ohh Alex would love it here, can run around"

But we also did had a great time dating (sort of) and making new friends! This short trip made me realize that it is so crucial that husband and wife must take a night off some time to go on a staycation or something because, for me, I felt like I connected (back) with my husband. 

It is not like we were on bad terms or something, but it was very refreshing to be able to spend the night together, talking and laughing at the silliest thing - without having to quickly shower for the kids and put them to bed and one of us ended up being too sleepy to talk or watch a movie together at the end. 

Anyway, so here are some photos from the trip. We absolutely loved the kampung-feel at the homestay where we were staying at - MyHome Twenty One. You can find them on Airbnb but if you go through my company (Holiday Tours Penang), you get more things included like transportation and meals! 

If you do not know, Kuala Kurau is located in Perak and it takes about an hour from Penang - super near to Penang in our opinion. 

Also, disclaimer dulu ya - not all the photos are taken by me. I was too busy trying to take video shots so most of these photos are from Bruce and Kelvin. Told you we made new friends :) Love it!

If you are so busy and no time to read this post, then can click on the video and go watch also no problem wan. AND REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL PLEASE. 

Really a very short and quick getaway ya. Heh. 

Till next time, bye now. 

13 October 2020

What is Change?

Change is inevitable. 

Heard of that before? If not, then you have been living inside a cave, is it? Heh. 

Anyways, my recent post mentioned that my last days with Holiday Tours are till the end of October, but turns out it is not! Hah. 

I will not be leaving this company after all!

There are some changes to the current role and looks like I will very much still be employed but with more flexibility - working from home, etc. 

I will not say I am excited to be taking on this "new role" because it really is not like a new-new role. More like now my main role is very much focused on one thing - instead of like doing sales and events and things. 

I will be very focused and very flexible in terms of my working time which I really wanted because I really want to spend more time with my two minis and to make more memories with them. 

I will also try to teach them like ABC, 123, time, and whatnot. The keyword is I TRY. Heh. 

I am not a teacher material and definitely do not have the level of patience teachers have. That is why I always feel that teachers should be paid more than what they are earning because whatever they teach, is whatever our children learn ya. 

So yeah - cannot wait for the "new job" to begin! 

28 September 2020

World versus Coronavirus.

This pandemic is really something. Being in a lockdown for the first time brings a whole new meaning to what life is all about. I mean - this kind of lockdown can make a lot of people feel very stressed and anxious - evidently seen in supermarkets when toilet rolls and baking supplies run out so fast. 

Of course, coming out of the 3-months lockdown has also taught all of us things and made us realize a few things too so there are some goods out of this pandemic. But still. 

Everyone in the world now fights against one common enemy and that is Miss Rona. Some are affected because they have lost their loved ones to this virus or lost their job because the company can no longer support them due to business not doing well et cetera. 

Working in a travel company at such a time is really not a good thing. 

When the borders remained closed (till Dec 2020), that means our clients (corporate mostly) are not able to travel for their business duties whatsoever, and since 80% of our business depends on corporate travels, this is really a bad thing. 

As expected, right after the MCO and our first Town Hall Meeting with our owner, Dato Loy - we all received our first wave of pay cuts. Boo. Then, they removed half of our allowances (for sales and runners), and not long after that, most of our benefits that require the company to spend money (claims on dental, etc) were also stripped off. 

Don't ask me if legally they can do that because I have zero ideas but I supposed the company has consulted their lawyers before making major decisions like that. 

Our HQ in KL started the first round of retrenchment where it was believed that many did not expect to receive a 24-hours notice to clean their tables, return all assets that belong to the company, and leave the family just like that. I believed tears were flowing in our gigantic office that day. 

It was Penang's turn the next day and same as KL, those who got the 24-hours notice did not see it coming at all - did not expect that they will be the one to be kicked out (sort of). Of course, people were crying. It was a sad day. 

It is one thing to tender your resignation and voluntarily leave the company and it is another thing to be asked to leave the company (in 24-hours!) - I can only imagine the emotions that were so mixed up. 

Imagine you are asked to go into the boss' room and in less than 10 minutes, your life changed - you no longer have a job and you have to say goodbye to your workplace (of which you spend most of your waking hours at) and colleagues - all on the same day. 

Sure, you can always grow the friendship outside of the office but it is a completely different feeling. I bet it leaves you clueless and lost in the moment. 

I was not particularly close to those who got retrenched but it was emotional enough for me to shed a few tears to see them clear their table and leave. 

This pandemic is really something. 

Despite the company's effort to keep the ship and all its people on-board and to continue sailing, sadly it is not possible. Now, our company is trying to make sure that the ship does not sink. So, we totally understand the pay cuts and removal of allowances and benefits and a few rounds of retrenchment. After all, we are about 300 staff strength. 

All our branches are still operating but if domestic travels do not pick up in sales, I doubt we can survive this year really. 

The news is another round of retrenchment is going to happen and who knows what is going to happen - if more people are going to get cut this time. 

We have been trying to push and get people to travel domestically because really, our Tourism Industry needs it - but people are afraid to travel because there are still cases reported in Malaysia and I totally get it. 

BUT IT IS JUST SO HARD TO SEE THIS SHIP SINKING LIL BY LIL in all honesty. Sakit hati definitely. 

My husband gets a lot of WhatsApp messages from me on this hotel got promo lah, this 3D2N package very worth going lah, etc. You cannot imagine how often I tell him about how badly I want to go for staycations and trips around Malaysia. Lucky for me - he is also a travel bug so yay. 

With all these pandemic dramas ongoing and who knows where this is heading, and with many other personal reasons and motivations, I have decided to say goodbye to this company - of which I went back to, early 2019 because it really is a great company. But I guess this is where my story ends with Holiday Tours. 

I have 2 months left with this company and really, I am thankful for all the opportunities that were given to me, and HTT will always have a special place in my heart. I mean - if you are looking to get a job in a tourism-related company, please have Holiday Tours & Travel as your first choice. It is the best in Malaysia. Top in the industry, please. No fight at all. 

I look forward to working on other things in my life and my top priority is, of course, my two kids. They are growing up too fast and I will not want to miss anymore milestones and I want to be their teacher in everything. Hah. 

I try lah okay. 

I cannot be a teacher, to be honest. And no, I am not homeschooling my children. Heh. I am not so disciplined and smart. Hah. 

Anyways, this pandemic sucks big time but I have also seen and experienced some goodness out of it. Better days ahead I believe. 

Oh - we also had to say goodbye to our 5D4N trip to Vietnam (all expenses paid for). Our kids (if they go) also no need to pay for anything. We just literally had to get our passports renewed, pack our bags, and go. Everything is planned and paid for. WHAT IS THIS. I guess it is just not meant to be.

Till next time, bye now. 

15 September 2020

I Did Brazilian Waxing at Strip Penang! What Now?

 Yep - you read it right. Nothing wrong with your eyes. 

Another thing on the list got ticked. 

If you did not already know, I have always been curious about many things, and going for a waxing session is one of them. Not just any waxing okay - like on the legs or underarms. 

One of the reasons why I never actually go for it is because they are expensive, and I mean I am not willing to pay so much money to remove hair on certain parts of my body, please. I can do that myself - or get my husband to do it for me. 

Of course, it is also because I am scared la okay. Scared of the pain and although everyone online says that it is painless la, and they had such a wonderful experience la - common sense still shouting loudly that it is going to hurt when they pull the wax strips from your skin. 

So, it was delayed. The curiosity on this one was not that strong - not until one day, Beverly came to our house with her mini wax machine and started waxing some of us. She started doing nose hair waxing on the guys because Andrew claimed that it is not painful at all. 

Of course, Adrian went for it. Okaylah - Adrian said actually not painful, but he and Josh both screamed like girls when Beverly was going to pull it out from there nose. So manly I know. Heh. 

Anyways, she tried on my legs, and surprisingly, it was not painful at all and I kinda enjoyed the whole process of it. So, that was how this whole curiosity came out again. 

Then what do you know! 9.9 came and Fave sent me an email and I clicked on it and the next thing I know, I also clicked "Buy Now!". 

I called Strip Gurney Paragon immediately and scheduled an appointment the very next day. I was not going to give myself a lot of time to run away from it. Later reality sets and I got freaked out so the faster I go through with it, the better. 

To be honest, I was very nervous to experience a waxing experience on my hoo-ha because in my head, of course, it is going to hurt like crazy. Not as much as labor pain (nothing is more painful than giving birth really) but I was super nervous. 

I was even more nervous when I stepped into the shop and was greeted by 3 ladies. Hopefully, they cannot tell I was sweating inside so hard it is crazy. 

I was then ushered into a room and given certain instructions and then I lie on the bed - covered with a clean plastic sheet and covered myself with the towel given. 

My wax therapist named Chom (who is a Siamese, married to a Technician working in Prai and she has a 3yo girl who she sends to a local nanny that she pays RM800/monthly). You will be surprised how easy it is to get to know someone when you go through such an "intimate" process. Heh. She was such a lovely person. 

Anyways, she started waxing my underarms because it's the easiest I supposed and painless for sure. It felt like a massage la, please. Hah. It was finished so fast I didn't even realize it. 

So when it was time for her to wax my hoo-ha, I became speechless for a while because I did not know what to expect. So I asked her questions and in my effort to try to distract me from freaking out, we talked about our personal life. Heh. We shared life stories and jokes. 

So, how did the whole Brazilian waxing went? 

Okay right - so if you go read reviews on Brazilian Waxing, and most (probably about 80%) will claim that it is painless and it's a very comfortable experience, etc. 

Let me tell you something. 


Let no one tells you otherwise. 

How can it be painless? The therapist will spread a layer of hot wax onto your hoo-ha and when the wax is dried up, they will then pull it off. Yes, pull it off. No slow motion all, please. Chom always gave me like a heads-up when the wax is ready to be peeled off and I would hold my breath. 

Brazilian waxing is a painful procedure because it is done all over your hoo-ha. But it is the kind of pain where it lasts for like 2-seconds and then gone no more pain - because now that pain shifts to the other side of the hoo-ha. Heh!

It was my first full-on Brazilian waxing experience and I have to say that I loved it! It was surely painful and all but it was also very satisfying to see the end product of it. I mean - it's really something la okay. 

The pain is very bearable, and yes - in that 2-seconds after they peel off the wax, your body will shake in response to the sudden pain, but after that, all is good again. 

So, was it worth the RM58?

Definitely yes! The original price is RM129 (I think), and actually, I am not sure if I will be willing to spend that money every 2 months or so to get waxed. We will see. 

So, if you have not tried before, I would highly recommend you try it because aren't you like curious about how it will feel and how it will make you feel after the whole thing?

I feel quite sexy la, to be honest! HAHA. Okay - TMI!

Till next time, bye now. 

01 September 2020

In Loving Memory of Pastor Lim Heok Cheow.

The impact is bigger than imagined. 

It is surreal that Pastor Heok Cheow is no longer reachable via his phone, FB, or home visits. Every time when I think of that, I become sad. It is one of the hardest goodbyes.

My only regret is not calling/visiting him earlier.

We have arranged for a dinner party at his house on the day he passed away. If only we did the dinner party a week earlier. So many 'if only' so I'm going to stop.

I mentioned this in my eulogy so here it is again.

When I first met Pastor HC who was the Youth Pastor back then in 2003 (I was 15yo), I was scared of him. He looked strict and serious, but later on, I found out that he is such a funny and relatable man. You would know because he is loved by so many people especially young people.

You would also know how he loves to exaggerate certain things in his stories (most of the time real-life stories okay) and he always managed to bring the life out of each story that he had ever told. It's as though we were there when we were really not. 

There was once when he (the only adult among us at that time) brought the youth leaders (a bunch of young people) to Langkawi for a "leaders getaway" where we would spend some time there praying and seeking God's direction in our lives and ministry. 

Once we were driving down Cenang Beach and he told us that there is this mall where they charge an entrance fee of RM2 per person. You will get a packet of tissue upon payment. Immediately, we were all like, "Who would pay RM2 to use a toilet?" 

He went on to praise this supposedly 5-stars toilet and convinced ALL of us to give it a try. Can I just say again that we were just a bunch of young people with very limited moolahs! But guess what. 

We did. 

We paid RM2 per person to go see this really-amazing-must-experience-toilet that Pastor Heok Cheow talked about.

IT WAS HORRIBLE PLEASE. My house toilet is so much better than this toilet. The floor was wet, the sink was wet and slightly dirty and the cubicles were meh. 

Of course, he was bombarded by our "complaints" when we got into the van again. I remembered he just burst into the biggest laughter as though he has successfully tricked us all. It was such a precious moment. One of the many precious moments we have had with this God-loving man. 

From then on, every time he tells us a story, we would jokingly ask him to tone it down and not kesi-kesi add elements to it. I loved that he was such a relatable and down to earth that we could be ourselves when with him. He was not judgemental and he was not critical. 

Surely, he had taught and corrected us in our ways but never once, I ever felt condemned or looked down even by Pastor Heok Cheow. 

Working alongside him (a few times as a staff) has been great and a blessing. 

I do not cry in front of people (other than family) but this man and Ps Cowan have seen me at one of my weakest times and I am forever thankful because these two are God-sent. Excuse me, Pastor Cowan - this is not a eulogy for you so you don't perasan. Surely you will live long, please. 

It sucks that I was not able to "send" him off by being there but I know in my heart, he will never be forgotten. I have finally un-sync his calendars on my phone. And I will never forget the sound of your super-exaggerated-laughter that will shake the room and your love for big prawns every time you have your nasi kandar and your quick snooze in front of your desktop and your mega-deep biblical materials. 

I miss you, Noonday Sun. 

Enjoy dancing with Jesus :) Till we see you again one day. 

12 August 2020

Did I Really Join an MLM Company?

I know many of you are somewhat confused with my recent postings on IG and FB since mid-July because I have been sharing on many kinds of products - ranging from health supplements to hair care products to makeup items. 

In one of my previous post titled 'Do You Want to Earn Extra Side Income?', I briefly talked about some of the health supplements that I have been taking that worked, even for my parents okay. 

But this post will be more on what the business is and what exactly am I doing. 

I am still very much employed at Holiday Tours Penang despite the pandemic that caused the biggest decrease in business for all tourism industry-related businesses since forever. 

We get pay-cuts and all but who knows what is going to happen if the vaccine never comes out, right? 

Since mid-July, I had officially joined the dark side. Hah. 

No - it is not MLM. More info below. *not self-denial please* Heh.

My husband calls it Direct Selling and as much as I do not want to admit it - it is Direct Selling kind of business. I remembered telling him (and myself) that I will never join any direct selling companies because I am just not into MLM kind of business right. 

Well, not until I know more details about Shop.com by Market Malaysia. Initially, I also thought that it's an MLM business so I was really like not interested. I first heard it from a friend, Steven but quickly just never thought about it because direct selling ma right. Then, years later, my sister joined and she tried to talk me into joining her but, I did not also. She wasn't actively pursuing it at that time too. 

But my family already started using some of its products and when I see the changes and reviews from them, I became slightly more interested and when it was the right timing, I decided to join. Andrew and me both really. 

We see the potential in the products and for me personally, I truly am a convert. Heh. I always thought that taking health supplements in pill form is like the best already. There are so many brands out there that sell good health supplements and whatnot. But when I learned more about these Isotonix, I was immediately a fan. 

The high concentration of vitamins and minerals, fast absorption, pleasant to drink, and maximum results. Pills generally take a longer time to be digested, hence slower absorption. 

After I joined Shop.com, I introduced the Isotonix health supplements to my own family (husband and MIL) and now they take it every day. I recently added Aloe Vera juice onto our kitchen table as a must-drink to boost our immune system. Our favorite is the Strawberry Kiwi flavor. 

I believe prevention is better than cure. And since I am in it, I truly believe that the Isotonix drinks will make a difference in our health - especially OPC-3 Plus which is our best selling antioxidant. 

Let's not forget about Royal Spa Shampoo and Conditioner that I have been sharing and many of you have actually placed an order with me to give it a try. So far, people are loving it so I'm really glad. Happy customer = happy me. 

Of course, other than the products, the other way to grow the business and potentially earning a weekly side income is to grow the team. I decided to join Shop.com because of its binary style of teamwork. And it really is a teamwork-based business. 

Most of you will probably just summarize it and say, "It's MLM la". I thought it was too! 

But no okay - here are four main differences in how Shop.com by Market America is structured and is more of a modernized franchising system (without a physical shop) than an MLM system.

See. Okaylah - I can understand the doubts and all because I was like that until I am not anymore now. Then again, I am still very new in this. 

So, if you are one of those who want to earn side income (potentially a five-figure in 2-3 years if you are hardworking and committed) then you can talk to me (us). For me, I am not looking to build a team just by simply getting everyone on my friends' list. I am looking for people who are serious and committed to growing this business together. People who are looking for more in life than just going through their day to day job and earning a range of salary that may not grow very wide/fast unless you pursue a Masters or Ph.D. kind. 

You want to earn like a CEO kind of salary or not one day?

I cannot promise you that confirm you will earn a five-figure if you join our team, but one thing I know (for me at least) is that as long as you are hardworking and committed and serious, in 2-3 years' time, as a team, I believe sure got side income flow in - more staycations please heh. 

I told myself (and my husband) that I'm going to do my best on this and see where it goes. If all is good then it's really good lah! But if not, then at least I gave it a try! 

I'm a very positive person but I'm also quite lazy okay. 

But then ever since I joined Shop.com, I feel I've changed. I've become more hardworking and determined to grow in this business - be it in product knowledge or studying about Market Malaysia. I am motivated to work hard now because I know 30-40 years down the road, I can pass my "business" to my children and they can continue to enjoy the rewards. 

That is why I decided to take the first step. 

So yeah. 

If you would like to know more - whether on the products or the business opportunity side - don't be shy. Just personally message me and I will tell you more. 

If you want to support me in my new venture by buying some products, can message me also because then I can recommend to you what you need and no need. Heh. 

I am not a pro on all the products yet but one day I will be. So be patient with me, please. 

Thank you in advance for your support because I appreciate all of them - whether its literally buying the products, or sharing encouraging words and thoughts. Thank you so much! It is never easy when you start a business - heh. I'm not a businessman, please. More like a salesperson to a company that sells these products. Hah. And yes, I do earn from selling the products so if you are not like immediately want to earn a lot of money and super chill with your currents, selling these products also lets you earn liau. Not much but at least earning side income lo. Hah. 

Till next time, bye now. 

28 July 2020

My Eyebrow Embroidery Story.

So, I finally did it.

After years of thinking and almost-doing it, I finally did it.

I have tried quite a number of things in regards to my face (not cosmetic surgery la okay) because I'm vain like that. Heh.

It all began after I have given birth to Alex about 2 years ago. It was then when my eyebrow hair started falling. I know - what a tragic story really. Dahlah, hair started falling and I have obvious bald spots (back then), I had to also deal with the fact that my eyebrows were balding too! 

It was such a difficult thing to accept because how often do you hear women say that their eyebrows were balding? I didn't even know such a thing exists!

If you are reading this and your eyebrows were balding, please message me because then I know I'm not alone in this and I am not crazy! Hah. 

If you see the photo above, I was heavily pregnant with Sofia and Adrian took a photo of us chilling on the bed with no makeup at all on my face. WHERE DID MY EYEBROWS GO!?

I used to have good eyebrows okay - good means like no need to use eyebrow makeup at all. Yes, in case you were wondering, I made him delete that IG story and gave him a quick intense session on why he should check his photos/videos before posting them online because his wife is vain la okay. 

Anyway, so when your hormones go haywire, your body reacts funnily. This - I learned because both pregnancies acted differently. 

The biggest reason why I did not go ahead and do it earlier is that Adrian begged me not to do it! Yeah - begged. 

He was so determined to make sure I don't proceed with the eyebrow embroidery because he did not want me to look like some people with bad eyebrows embroidery experience in terms of how it made them looked worse. He was really sure that I will make my eyebrows looked worse if I go for it. 

His reasons were legit and he actually did put that doubt in me hence me not going for it - even though I know it could save me a lot of time and effort and money. I was spending so much time watching Youtube videos and practicing and I've had good days and bad days. Some days, I had to rush drawing the eyebrows because the kids were restless. 

I've had days when I feel like my eyebrows look so bad I just kept avoiding meeting people. It's bad for my confidence and I always believe that confidence is key. Hah. 

But after adapting to life with 2 kids for about 6-months, I decided that there is no time for me to slowly do eyebrows all in the morning. 

On weekdays, not only do we need to get ourselves ready for work, but we also had to bathe both kids and feed them milk (mostly Sofia) and by the time the kids are settled, I usually have only 5-minutes to myself to do all my finishing touches. 

That also, sometimes Alex will not leave me alone at my makeup table. He either wants to be carried or he wants to hold everything I used - if not he makes a big fuss and there goes our peaceful start to the day. Then again, who am I kidding? With two kids at home, no such thing as the peaceful morning. Hah. But I love it! Just not when I need to draw my brows. 

So, I decided enough is enough and it is time to get the brows done. It's like if I never try, I will keep asking myself what if. 

I told Adrian about it but he was still as keen and tried to persuade me. Since I didn't want to be influenced by him anymore, I took leave on a weekday and went for it - yes, without telling him. Hah. 

I found out about Des Aesthetic (Prima Tanjung) when I was searching for an eyelash lift treatment which I did and I found that the staff was very friendly and informative and gentle. I remembered being in good hands. So, I recommended to my mom and she went and did her eyebrows and she loved it! 

You know how eyebrow embroidery used to be painful and right after you do it, the colors are very obvious and when you walk out of the beauty salon, people will instantly know that you just did your brows. Not only that, I think because of the way people used to "tattoo" the brows, after years, but it will also leave like a permanent red mark which was what happened to my mom. 

She had this red mark on her brows that are permanent and when we consulted Des Aesthetic, they knew instantly what needed to be done. There are 2 types of eyebrow embroidery processes and they recommended the one suitable for my mom so that the red mark could be covered. 

Long story short, my mom came home with new and normal looking eyebrows and it didn't even look like she had just get it done hours before. I was super impressed. 

Then, I knew I had to get it done too, and only with the best I know - with Des Aesthetic! 

The first thing they did was applying some numbing cream on both brows - for about 20 minutes (I think). Then, Evonne (the lady who took care of me so well), shaved and drew the brows for me. She did 2-kinds and asked for my choice but I ended up asking her to choose for me because she's a pro. FYI - her eyebrows were so on point so, at that time, I legit felt so accomplished - like I know already she is going to do a good job. 

After that, I went to the room and lied down and I was afraid that it may hurt because if not why they need to put numbing cream right? It did not hurt la, please. Can only feel very minimal sharp pain but not painful at all - can fall asleep also. 

The entire process was very relaxing and pampering. 

Right after the process, a cool gel is put on top of the brows to cool the swelling. I had a bit of swelling because my skin is quite dry. 


It was like a 2-hours process and when I went home, no one could tell that I had just done my brows. Adrian himself also did not realize when he came to fetch us home. It was only when I stared at him and smiled a long time then only he was like, "YOU DID YOUR EYEBROWS?"

He was impressed because it looked os natural that he thought I drew them.

The next day, the eyebrows looked darker but no more swelling, and over the next few days, it peeled and then it became a lot lighter. A bit too light but natural for sure. 

No need to worry my eyebrows disappearing when I go swimming or when I accidentally scratched my eyebrows and when I sweat. 

It is so convenient please - life-changing too because I did not have to spend so much time in front of my vanity desk. Ohh if only I did this earlier. But never too late. 

So for those of you also thinking and going back and forth with yourself to whether you should go for it, my advice is GO FOR IT. 

I paid RM650 and it comes with a one-time free touch up and one facial treatment. 

Another concern Adrian has after this eyebrow embroidery was if I need to like go and touch-up every month or something because it's another "monthly" commitment right? 

The thing is I most likely will not go for any touch-up every few months because now that I have the "perfect" eyebrow shape/outline of it, I can now just use an eyebrow pencil and fill it up. I don't have to worry if one side is longer or thicker. 

No regrets whatsoever at all going for this eyebrow embroidery. 

Thank you Evonne for making me have eyebrows-confidence again! 

Till next time, bye now.