28 December 2012

The Last 2012 Friday.

I got bored just now and started looking back to the past few years in Facebook. It definitely brought back a LOT of good and fun memories. Posts/photos/wishes that I actually forgotten about. And that actually made me think. How fast time has passed all of us by, isn't it. 

It's so funny to see how I've changed (physically) over the years. Not that it's massive but still (I do think I looked better as I grow older..)

Last Friday of 2012 and I am stuck in office with nothing to do. Tried making loads of appointments but they are either on leave or err.. on leave. So, I'm warming up my chair in office and I still have couple of hours to go.

Days like this I feel like I can go on being as random as I can. Hah. 

Oh, just in case you didn't already know, little one is a baby girl :) Apparently, she has been very active lately. Kicking and moving around like a boss. Four more months. It's going to be really awesome 2013. I just know it. 

Mom's gonna get a new phone. A new Hello Kitty's phone. She's definitely very excited about that. 

I haven't been to the nail salon for the longest time I tell you. No kidding. I used to be able to spend certain amount of money on these things but when I started working, the priority list seems to be re-shuffled. I miss those pampering moments. Time to look into Groupons and MyDeals and Living Socials to get those promotions! 

I changed my phone ringtone. So what right? Hah. Now, I just made people wait longer so that I can hear the chorus longer. 

Having choo char last night with the camp staffs make me realize that I haven't been eating choo char like that for quite some time d also. Sadness. Penang's chinese people has got to eat some rice yo. No rice, can die. 

Okay, I just asked my sister to buy for me the manipedi package. And a laptop table. Soooo cheap. I is happy girl today. And we've got a special surprise form Mr and Mrs Khoo too :)

I still haven't watch Life of Pi. It's so sad. We are never able to find time to date/hangout. Not in the month of December. But hey, no one's complaining. Get  to see each other a bit here and there is fine. Not great but fine.

I have plans for upcoming holidays but I can't find the 'perfect'date. Dilemma betui ni.

I hate nightmares. Or bad dreams. Or dreams that are totally useless yet they give you weird funny feeling when you wake up. Or dreams that causes arguments (yes, it happened).

I miss eating at Homes Chef Garden. It's been a while (actually I had dinner there a week ago but still miss it).

I thought I could already play Sims 3, but false alarm. Oh the sadness is huge. Now, I've gotta wait longer for it to actually work. Fingers all crossed.

*sings* 'You don't have to be a star baby to be in my show' 

I just finish watching a mini pig going down the stairs on youtube. Shoooo cutee! 

How nice is it that we get to spend the last Friday of the year with the company of good friends and good food. Turkey, I'm coming for you real soon!

I really want to experience snow at least once in my life. 

I found out that I'm not that adventurous kind of people after all. I've always wanted to try bungee jump but come and think about it right, it will never happen to me. I will never be daring enough to try. Skydive then maybe yes. Cos I'll be jumping down with a pro strapped to me. I think I dare la but who knows right. 

One thing girls must be absolutely good at is knowing how to hide the fats. The muffin top. Must learn la this one. Just must. Everyone say I lost weight but in actual fact, I've gained (i think). I'm just good at hiding them (not to be proud or what la). Heh.

I miss my college life soooo much. The giggling in class and the endless chats during group study. Gah, that part of life passes so quickly. I miss those mad bunch. 

I kept eating in office. So hard to NOT think of food when my drawer is filled with all those junks. 

Craving for beef noodles and Queen's Food Market's Thai Food Number 13. 

Signing off.