24 December 2012

3D2N Club Med Cherating.

for Club Med's Fam Trip.
with Tyler.
on the 13-15 December 2012.


Like i mentioned in few posts back, I was blessed with an all-expense-paid trip to Club Med Cherating. We call it the 'Fam trip'. 'Fam' stands for familiarization trip where you learn about the product and experience what it's all about so that you'll be able to sell better! In my case, I don't really 'need' to sell as I do corporate sales, but it is sure a vacation not to be missed. And I actually learned so much from it. When corporates ask for my opinion for a really calm and relaxing company trip, it has to be Club Med products. No kidding. Two thumbs up for Club Med.

Left the island on a Thursday noon *excited to start the holiday* though I was still in and out of the viral fever. Horrible. Worse thing was I had to eat medicine all by myself. Gah. HORRIBLE.

Penang's airport, beautified.

First time on a such a small mini plane.

No need to spend money to get some food. Firefly > Airasia. Oh, and their wild fruit muffin is so goood.

Best part about travelling with guys is that they let you have the window seat! :) Enjoyed my view the whole way.

Everyone meet Tyler, a pro Tour Consultant from the tour department.

Estimated time of flying was an hour and a half. We arrived safely and comfortably after one hour ride. What a good start to a long holiday.

Before we went to this trip, a colleague (who have been to Club Med under Fam Trip) told us that we should be expecting a Superior Room (which is the lowest category), but when we reached, they gave us a Deluxe Room EACH! Speaking about God's blessings hah.

Blessed even more when I got a corner room, closest to the beach. I definitely got the best of both worlds. I slept through the nights with the sound of waves, literally! No kidding. The waves were so loud that at first it was such a nice feeling until suddenly my thought of 'What if tsunami hits?' hit me, then I got a bit paranoid. Cos then, confirm I'll be the first to be swallowed by the giant waves. Oh the imagination.

They have two separate bathrooms. One for shower and the other one to do business.

22 has always been my favorite number (so much that I thought my anniversary with koay falls on the 22nd! Ooops!) and 10, my birthdate. And this is my room number. (yeah, I like analyzing things like that. It makes me happy!)

The poolside.

Something about Club Med is that there's snack time. Club Med is a holiday where you pay a sum of money and you don't go out from the resort. You spend your holidays in the resort throughout your stay. And no, you will not get bored in there. Not even at night. And whatever you use/eat/drink/do is all inclusive of your money (except spa). Totally worth it!

The kind of food I eat there. I totally forgot to take pictures of the restaurant area and their buffet spread. So first class and wow. It was too bad that I didn't have much appetite. Only the last day I actually tried everything they offered. Just the food itself, is enough as a reason to go back there d!

TGIF's birthday celebration is nothing after you experienced it here. Literally all the GO's (Gracious Organizers) will make their way to your table and sing the most creatively sung birthday song ever! GO's are the people who makes sure that your stay is gonna be a memorable one. In the morning/noon, they are the bartenders/receptionist/lifeguards etc, but in the night, they are dancers/actors/singers/stand-up comedian. You name it! And they all come from different parts of the world. Club med Cherating actually records the highest numbered of different nationalities in a resort. 28 of different cultures/language/nation altogether.

Kids Fashion Show featuring the guests' children. Oh, one more thing that makes Club Med amazing is that they have baby daycare/children's centre where you just drop your kids there and the GO's will take care of them, feed them with healthy food, play games. That day when I was there, they actually had Masterchef Kids Version. And you don't even have to worry if they will take good care of your kids bcos they are all trained in it. It's so amazing it's crazy.

Train rides to the beach. it's not that far and you can walk there through a jungle-like-area. I actually walked to the beach alone on the last day. It was a bit scary. It's like going on a hike alone, except that it's flat road la.

When I saw this at the beach, it's as if I was at Bali (not that I have been there) but it looks like some floating temple that I saw in pictures. Hah. That side of the beach (the one that faces my room) was not for human use as the waves are too huge and massive and only turtles go to that beach to lay eggs (too bad it was monsoon season so no turtles seen)

Next to the beach is the most amazing Zen Space (launched a month ago). A place where children is not allowed. Just adults.

The colors make it even more better. And it's located in between two beaches, so imagine the wind and coolness in that area.

Wanted to do sailing at the beach behind us but the wind was not strong enough to do so.

Ideal vacation: sitting under the sun, overlooking God's amazing creation :)

I remembered feeling so reluctant to get out of the pool. Especially when I had the whole place to myself. Aahh, I miss that feeling of soaking in the cold water and under the hot sun. perfecto.

One of other activities I did there. First try. Mine was the one on the left corner. The other two flew past the board. Hahaha.

After many many tries only to get this finally! Not so bad hah.

These two GO's are the best. They don't have to speak also will make you laugh like no one's business d! They are the most funny humans I've ever met, NO KIDDING!

And then, we did Tree Top Challenge.

Ready to rock and roll.

The little kid in me got very excited. Though the challenge they gave us was quite short and simple.  

Flying trapeze! I regretted so badly that I didn't do this! I wasn't feeling good so I had to pass this one. Now, the regret is killing me. UGHH!

And then on the last night, they surprised all the guests by inviting all of us to the garden and we all danced the night away.

The ultimate surprise that night was the endless fireworks. I even had tears in my eyes because everything was too amazing and at that moment while the fireworks was bursting away, I couldn't accept the reality of God's blessings that has been given to me and it blew my mind away. It's crazy. It's very crazy.

Experiencing God in different and the most unexpected ways, tick.