09 September 2013

Accidents Happen.

It can happen to anyone of us..

Okay, maybe I shouldn't quote this song since the song's meaning is so wrong in all levels. 

Crime scene: Parent's room.
Weapon: Baby diaper's giant safety pin.
Witness: Sha Lynn

How it happened: The witness was lying down on the bed munching on her mini drumstick
happily. I slided/mini-jumped and did not see that the safety pin was open, which at that time was pinning the blanket's cover and the blanket and then it happened. I let out quite a loud shout that it shock the witness a little. I thought it was just a scratch but then it started bleeding and now there's light bruises around the line. 

I told my mom that good thing it didn't like go in vertically, if not I sure pain like what onlyy! Thankful that it's just this.. Nothing more serious. 

In all painful times, must always look for a reason to be thankful. Heh :)

I know that this one don't have to blog about la but I have nothing else to blog about d. No inspiration so far so why not right.