30 September 2013

Fourteen Hours Trip.

There is absolutely not enough time for me to even paint my nails. Not last night, not this morning for sure.

I actually have no idea why I started rambling about nails like that. 

Oh ya! I wanted to paint my nails before I sleep last night but couldn't because I was like rehearsing my presentation and by the time I actually got time to breathe, Koay surprised-visit me after his dinner! :)

So there we were, chit-chatting away and transferring photos of his graduation and next thing we know, it was already midnight. There is no more strength left in me to do anything. Literally.

It felt like I was only about to sleep when the alarm sounded at 530am! WORSE FEELING EVER. Called Koay thinking that I will feel better. Nope. Definitely not after hearing his-i-am-too-sleepy-too-talk-voice. Haha. Everything felt better after the warm shower.

So yeah, flew to KL with Malindo Air at 0825 hours and now waiting for the next flight home at 2050 hours. Two hours to kill at Subang Airport. 

Stay tuned for photos on Koay's graduation day!