10 September 2013


It's rainy times like these that makes me so so so thankful for the sun, the heat, the yellow and the warmth.

But then again, at the same time, I love every almost every moment of it. Maybe not liking it so much when I go out for sales visit. Then my flats will get soaked and my clothes/hair/hands will get all watery dots. Do know that this isn't complaining. It's totally not because I'm just stating what really happens, you know.

This weather also makes me wonder how people in the cold country constantly go out and have fun because I would think that most of the time when they are outdoor, they will have to wear like layers after layers of stuff. No wonder they come here and straight strip to sunbathe. No wonder.

So, it's like love-hate thing. I want the rain, but I also want the sun.

Thank God I was born in this little island. So perfect in everything except.. yeah. That. All the shizz. Haha.

Sipping on a hot hot water in my office and blogging this makes everything so nice :) No need for hot chocolate or green tea.

Speaking of green tea, Koay explained a whole lot of things that doesn't help to my body by consuming lots of green tea. This isa sad okay. I love green tea. I can have like 5 servings of green tea at one seating. Guess I won't be having too much of it then.

Alright. Got to get back to work.