23 October 2013

Art Director Stress.

Never will I ever thought that I would be having this kind of conversation with our Art Director on our food blog. Yeah, you see that right. The fact that we even have an Art Director is beyond unbelievable.

Art Director: I decided to give him this job title because he's already an executive on his real job. Okay, not that this isn't real, but this is definitely not a job. It's his passion and he's a good friend and he's here to help the two bloggers, who know NOTHING about designing and stuff like that.

So, while conservating about the name card (that he's also helping us with), it suddenly hit me that we have been food-blogging for ONE year EIGHT months and ONE day.


WhatTwoEatHere is birthed on the 22 February 2012. You can click here for our first post :)

Since it started, I did most of the designing works (which is not a lot at all) and our another good friend helped us with the cartoon character. Her work is sooo cute I tell you. So yeah, pretty much that's all we did to "beautify" the blog. And when we realized that we needed name card for our blog, we knew then we needed someone's help in that. If you give both of us this task, sure kaput. Confirm not nice at all.

Then, when we were talking about the progress of the logo/web with him, it immediately brings me back to the start of all this good-madness. Not to mention, we are starting to earn US Dollars from Google AdSense. That itself is a milestone for WhatTwoEatHere. I don't know if you all know that Google AdSense doesn't simply allow any webs to put on their advertisements. That's why when they approved us, we were so excited that we decided to take that as a reason to makan besar! :)

 Our Art Director is little too busy till end of this year, so our NEW image will not be out so soon.