14 October 2013

Good Monday.

So, I came into the office today and got a call from my manager first thing in the morning.

Her: I want you to go down to Singapore with Serena this Wednesday till Friday for a Trafalgar product talk. Do you think you'll be able to make it?
Me: Err... Yes. Definitely yes!

So, in less than an hour, my flight is booked and found out that I was going to stay at the Park Royal Hotel. 

*jaw drops*

It's probably nothing huge and fancy, but hey, having to stay at a 4-stars hotel in Singapore (since spending money in Singapore is such painful thing) for my first time to this country is quite a big thing for me.

We already made some plans to even visit Singapore for our second anniversary next year, staying over at a friend's or something. But this, this is just so sweeeeet.

Thank You, Jesus, for listening to all my complains and giving me this very-needed-break!

I can't wait to visit the Merlion and put on the green light for my tourist mode. 

Singapore, here I come :)