06 October 2013

Best Sunday.

One week from now, it was supposed to be a short getaway to nowhere on the Libra cruise. Sadly, we had to forgo the reservation made because of the Merdeka Cup. Sad heh. No more holiday this month.. Got to start planning for one.. Have to.. MUST!

I am loving every moment of this week. baby girl has been sleeping here since Thursday because her parents are in Vietnam for company trip. I think most people know that it's really difficult to make this girl smile, but now she's wouldn't stop smiling and please, I'm not near complaining. It's real joy and mood-uplifting to see her smile when we didn't even have to put so much effort. No need to hide and peek-a-boo or do silly faces, which in the end didn't even help. Such a loveable baby girll! :)

Now, I'm spending my Sunday afternoon typing this, with her looking at me and smiling and then back to "eating" her toys. Heh.

All this while waiting for Koay to come home after futsal-ing with Mr. Khoo and the rest of the FGA-ians. It's MU vs Anti MU. How cuteee.

This is one of the best Sundays.