22 October 2013

Family Bowling Night.

One of the things that WE (the whole entire family/clan/cousins/uncles and aunties/grandparents/nieces and nephews) usually do all together is playing sports. Futsal, done that. Picnic, check (some sort of sports since we usually end up running along the beach playing kalitoi) and now, the most recent one that happened was BOWLING. 

We picked that date, which falls on a Sunday because my cousin's wedding day is today and we thought of having family activities close to each other to build up the momentum for tonight. Hahaha. I think that's prolly why la. 

And this family of mine is huge. My Khoo grandparents  have 6 kids. 3 girls first then 3 boys. My dad is the eldest son among the boys, but overall, he's the fourth child. So, to make this bowling event a success, of course we had to have some sort of healthy competition. 

Four groups in total. Four in each team. All color-coded as well :)

After that, we adjourned to Homes Chef Garden for makan-makan. A very simple dinner because we were going to have a good dinner the next day for my cousin's bachelorette party, where I actually walloped 5 bowls of tu-thor-th'ng. My gosh their tu-thor-th'ng is sooooo goood!

Pretty obvious which group became champion :)

Oh such fun times.

More bonding sessions tonight at the wedding dinner. I can't wait to feast! :)