11 December 2013

Absolute Shock.


This is unbelievable.

The last time I updated anything here is six days ago.

Wahhh. That just speaks so much of how busy I got over the past week. 

Honestly, if you ask me what have I been up to, I will struggle a bit and take some time to think about it.

Also, the fact that I have to use Koay's old phone for few weeks is kinda killing all the desire in me to take photos, check my Instagram, update my Facebook status and even blogging. This is such a sad sad thing.

But then again, I realized those are not in my priority list at all, for now. All that's in my calendar now is the Club Med Promotion that's happening in Queensbay Mall starting tomorrow till Sunday. Oh, and I will be working at the mall on Saturday till Sunday for the whole entire time. I'm not complaining for sure. I love selling Club Med packages. LOVE CLUB MED!

And the other thing is of course the fireBRANDS' Annual Youth Camp 2013 - ROOTED. Few more days and I'll be having five days of awesomeness. I can't wait :)

Okay, now back to work and youth camp stuff. 

Oh ya, please continue to pray for Vanessa as she's still in the hospital. She is getting better but very slowly. She's not allowed to go home just yet because her liver are not showing good signs. So that'll be more scans for her and stuff.

Thanks guys :)