23 December 2013

The Last Month.

Oh wow.

It has been way too long since I came here. Wow.

I so miss this place. This precious place.

So, what have been taking all my time that I have none at all to come in here and post something?

Err.. Quite a lot I think. I'll just be UNorganized and simply put up photos NOT according to the actual timeline.

Vanessa Khoo kena dengue.

Our first Indian Wedding punya ceremony.

Worked two days at Queensbay Mall for this amazing brand.

Painted ze nails turquoise just the night before ROOTED 2013.

Watched 50 young kids over lunch and ride to Harvard Golf & Country Resort.

Did not miss a session of Physical Jerk at all.

Morning sun is the best.

Youngest and noisiest camp staff resting.

Sport shoe buka mulut and ditinggalkan di hotel. Bagus sekaliii :)

A Contiki shades and a very injured-but-getting-better-handsome-neighbor :)

Last night's supper at the hall where everyone had their 30 seconds of going crazy :)

Trafalgar Launching at The Suffolk House. The restaurant is BEAUTIFUL!

Steven and Petch's Rocking Wedding at Hard Rock Hotel.

I believe I have more things in this last month, but since the phone that I'm currently using is not very camera-friendly so yeah. And also I don't know where are all the Whatsapp photos in this phone. Can't seem to view them when I connect it to the computer. Bleh.

This month hasn't even end yet and there's too many things going on already. Also, December is like the best month ever because the perfect man was born. But then again, it's also the month where the pocket gets empty faster than all the months combined. Hahaha.

I had so much fun wrapping the gifts for my family and friends, though Vanessa actually did more of the folding of the mini bags and mom helped me with the boys' gift wrapping. Oklah, I'm super blessed. Koay sumore do all the cutting papers and putting tapes on them :)

I practically just put the gifts into the mini bags and sealed them. Hahaha.

I foresee more posts coming because tis' the season to be jolly! Falalala.. lalalala.