02 December 2013

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.

Title is based on a DJ's remix. Calvin something.. Not sure who.. Just thought need to clarify in case some of you actually think I went to one rave and got addicted to it or something.

Here's my take on my first rave, away from home.

We drove down to KL after work on Friday with Jack and Carmen. Coincidentally, it's also their first rave. It was actually Jack who suggested that we all go together since it's all our first time, and since it was only about RM100, we thought why not.

Crashed at a friend's place for the next two nights. All four people in one room. Not that bad actually. 

Slept in till about 11-ish on the Saturday and went shopping after lunch at Village Park. The nasi lemak is yummeh. Got a couple of tops in Uniqlo and had korean food for teatime. Kim chi stew has gots to be the best thing ever. Then, we all went home, had a quick rest and then it's off again on the road to Sepang. 

Eh.. No.. We went for bak kut teh first at SS14, or SS15. I can't tell. KL is too messed up. Haha. Anyways, the rave started at 5pm, but by the time we parked our car, it was already 8ish 9ish.. 

After the first "check in", I was lime, "Whoa! That'a lot of people here tonight and all late!" 

After the second and third check-ins, literally no words came out except, "Wow! Wow!" 

It's like all the youth in KL decided to all meet here isit? Not all youth also. I saw one auntie prolly in her fifties, dancing and enjoying to the remix. So cute.

So we walked in and there was obviously this huge crowd of people surrounding the front stage. We decided that we will try to get as front as we can to the stage. At this point, all I see from where we were standing (before we get into the sardine condition), was a rectangle box right in the middle of the stage. I cannot even see the DJ. He's like this little man. 

So we hold each other's hand and EJ led us through the people. All kinds of people I see and smell. Err yuckk. Probably half of the dudes out there were topless. I don't think they care whether their body in nice shape or not also, obviously. Oh, and people were sweating and shouting (or singing) and jumping. 

It was uncomfortable at first but it got better later on. It probably got better because I was already sweating and being pushed around. And all of them HAS TO BE TALLER THAN ME. I didn't see anything. Just jumped to the beat. Koay was behind me most of the time, with his two arms stretched out next to me. Almost like a bodyguard kind. How cute. 

We were having so much fun in there, despite me not seeing Avichii or any DJs since my eye-level view are mostly people's neck with sweats dripping, when Carmen and Christine felt very uneasy-want-to-faint-feeling (they are also short and I think there wasn't enough oxygen for them to breathe). So, we all forcefully try to get out from the crowd which was at this time, worse than when we went in. It was no more sardine packed. It was worse. Whatever that's worse than sardine-packed-crowd, that would be it.

I wasn't even like walking. People were just pushing from all directions. All also want to go front to see Avichii. Only us against the tide. Pure madness man.

This is when it all happens. All in the split of the second.

Christine was in front of me and Koay behind me, being the last man. Imagine this. We were trying to get out as fast as we could because Christine (whom I was holding tightly) was already like fainting so me (behind her) and Jack (in front of her) were making sure that she doesn't drop. In fact, there weren't any space for her to collapse also. 

Koay in the meantime, was half-pushing, half-walking and half-jumping. I cannot blame him because the songs were very upbeat and nice and gives you that jumpy-feeling. And since everyone else was also jumping, why not right. Haha.

At one point, I felt my small sling bag pulled to my back (it was in front of me earlier). Immediately I shouted. "BABE! MY BAG!" 

He couldn't figure out what I was saying and by the time I moved my right hand to grab it, the cover was already open, and my bag felt emptier than before. I couldn't do anything as it was too crowded. 

When we got out of the madness, I opened it. Lo and behold, the S2 wasn't there. 

I looked at Koay not believing what I was going to tell him. It was still quite loud so most of the talking was in shouting. Haha. For a while at least. 

"My phone is stolen!"

Koay being Koay, he obviously didn't hear what I said. 

"My phone is stolen!" His face was even more shocked than how I felt. I don't really know what I feel that time. I can't remember anymore.

The next 30 minutes or so, I just became quiet and so many things ran through my mind. Mostly of the things I need to do now that it's really stolen and gone. I felt very sad at one point because I thought all my photos are all gone too and Sha Lynn's videos. Then, I remembered that last week, I installed Dropbox. Heh. But the videos are really gone la. 

Anyways, it took me sometime to get back to that rave-mood. Obviously right? 

I actually do miss my S2. It's a very different feeling of when you actually getting a new phone and not using this anymore and suddenly it's taken from you. I didn't even get to like really hold it for one last time and touch the back cover (that's my fav part of the phone). It's so sad indeed. Never get to bid a proper goodbye to my still-look-and-feel-new-S2.

OH! AND WHILE GETTING OUT FROM THE CROWD, S BIGFOOT STEPPED ON MY FLIP FLOP AND LIKE LITERALLY TORE IT TO HALF OR SOMETHING. It felt like it was torn la. And my favorite red-Cotton On-flip flop left me too. I brought back the other side to give Vanessa, since she likes to wear too. Go keep for memory sake. Haha.

I was like this the whole entire time until we got into the car and then I just desperately put on his mom's slippers. Aunty-mode, on.

Oh and Koay wants to buat gaya all so he brought his shades. Also, because people keep telling us that the laser will hurt our eyes, which in fact it didn't at all. Got laser lights meh? So, he was wearing them and he jumped and it fell. Yep, and guess who was stepping on one of it's shades punya kaki? The biggest dude that area. I kid you not. Sumore so packed. Just imagine la. Haha. Such a happening night :)

Senget just like the owner :)

Avichii played his final song and ended the night with fireworks. Fireworks that actually make me go, "Wow!" a lot of times. And I mean A LOT OF TIMES. It's even better than when we celebrate New Year's Eve and stuff. It's a long one sumore. And we were standing at the most strategic place. It feels like the fireworks were for us :)

Going back was horrible because of the jam. Since Christine needed to go back Singapore in few hours time and LCCT is so near, we all decided to makan supper there. Best decision ever. I HATE JAMS.

So yeah. My take on rave. Love ittt. Will I go for more next time? Definitely! :)

We all slept in on Sunday. Jack and Carmen stayed back till Monday so it was only us for the whole 4 hours journey. 

Before we went to ever famous banana leaf rice, Nirvana at Bangsar, we dropped by Groupon to collect my three beautiful blue babies! Ahhh. Feels so good to have them in my hands now :) 

The bitter gourd is yummms. Best thing is that it can be refilled million of times :)

Overall, I had a very dramatic and happening weekend. I lost a phone, but I did not lose anything else. Oh, lost all contacts too AGAIN. How funny heh.

Armin next year, anyone?