30 December 2013

Apple and Cars and Christmas Dinners.

Now that I've gotten use (kinda) to using this apple thing, I find it super annoying that to transfer photos and videos, it has to be via itunes. My only problem now is I haven't even downloaded them into my laptop and I have no idea at all how to use it.

That explains why my blog is so empty these few weeks. Also, www.whattwoeathere.com!

I have photos since Christmas and it's now all stuck in the goldii. 

Aiyaaa! Tomorrow only do lah since I half day leave! :)

Outstation cars, would you please just park your car in the shopping malls and only leave when the rest of the real Penang people are home and away from the streets. Thank you.


So I decided to blog about all my Christmas dinners tonight since I'm watching Men In Black 3 and my hands are kinda free. 

The photos will be in random (as usual) because I'm seriously too lazy to do it in orders. Maybe I should really post an update on a dinner next time, instead of combining all into one. Heh.

Alright, so this year there were so the very many dinners that I went to. Eat non-stop I tell you. It's crazee because the food were so amazingly delicious and for sure, the kilograms naik like mad also.

Okay, so here are some photos. Very very few because I err.. I don't know why.. I just don't feel like posting a lot?

Crazy how time sneakily passes through. Pfft.