15 December 2013

Where Got.

Where got mood to do anything today! Camp is like hours away. 

More like a week-long-holiday awaits :)

Working for twelve hours since yesterday isn't all that bad.

Got live drama for us to watch, right in front of where our booth is located. There's just this one girl who lifeless-ly sits on the bench in front of us whole day doing nothing since Thursday except looking at her Samsung and eat her tapau-ed food there and then, while waiting for her friend who works in Body Glove, who also appears to be like her boyfriend tomboi style. So yeah.

They even argued last night, which had the girl ended up crying. Both also girls la okay. Both also having hormones change.

But good lah cos then time for us passed very quickly.

Now, I just had to post something because I'm so restless and tired now. 

I need more sleep than I thought. 

This is torturing.